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Added: Welch Plaza

Welch Plaza is another development I just found out about through the paper this weekend. Also looks like you have to move fast, there’s only three units left, all two bedrooms, ranging from $309,000 for 940 square feet to $352,000 for 1053 square feet. Those seem like great deals for two bedrooms, without seeing this… Read More

Added: Taylor Anne

I found out about Taylor Anne just this weekend in the Sunday Seattle Times. Looks like they only have four or five units left ranging in price from $260,000 to $370,000.

Added: A few more places

I’ve added a few more places that I really don’t have any details on yet: 2nd and John Asia – Conversion at 668 South Lane Street in the ID Epic – Conversion on First Hill Elliott and Battery North Lofts – Part of the development at 12th and Madison Trace Lofts – Part of the… Read More

Added: Onyx: Yet another Capitol Hill conversion

For the past few weeks I’ve been hearing about this conversion at 12th and Olive. First my friend who had been living in an apartment there was unable to renew his lease, then another friend was walking by and stumbled upon their chaotic sales office. Today I decided to check it out and see first… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

What are the ads saying this long weekend? Not much, they’re all the same as last week. Apparently Plaza Del Sol hasn’t sold any condos in the last week, either that or they haven’t updated their ad. Though the Vulcan properties are advertising for the first time: Enso: ‘Traveling the world tends to give you… Read More

Another Seattle Condo Blog

John L. Scott Realtor, Ben Kakimoto, has started a Seattle condo review blog: Seattle Condos & Lofts. Unlike my blog, his looks at both new and old condos.

Queen Anne Highschool Floor Plans Available

The Queen Anne High conversion project, definitely the coolest conversion on the market, has updated their website so you can find out about both the finishes and floor plans. Rooms come complete with chalkboards! If you like Queen Anne, this would be the place to live in my opinion. Sales start mid-summer.

Pictures of Canal 2

Kristi sent me some pictures of the Canal phase 2 interiors. If you’ve been to a preview center recently please forward me your photos :).

37 Potential Pitfalls From a Lawyer

On his blog, John Ludwig has this great PDF Tips on buying condos written by Seattle lawyer Jim Strichartz. The paper is subtitled, ‘Friends don’t let friends buy condos – 37 potential pitfalls the prudent prospective purchaser should ponder.’ (Thanks Tim!)

King5 video clip on ‘Condo Craze’

The other day I spoke with King5 news about why I chose to buy a condo here in downtown Seattle. They ended up using a few clips in King 5 Up Front Condo Craze, a lengthy 20 minute clip. They also put my picture on their homepage :). The story starts with a look at… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

5th and Madison: ‘Grand opening weekend!!!’ (open daily, 11am to 6pm, 900 Fourth Ave, 27th floor, 206-624-7640) Bagley Lofts: ‘Move in today!’ Bolero: ’45 sold in 5 weeks.’ Up 10 from last week’s ad. Cosmo: ‘Our penthouses at everybody elses mid level prices.’They also decided to un-rotate their ad making it much easier to read…. Read More

Trio website now has views

The Trio website has added views:

South Lake Union Preview Event

The Vulcan Real Estate Team is holding a preview event for the Enso, Martin, Rollin Street and Veer Lofts on Saturday June 17th. If you’re interested in finding out about floor plans, interiors, how to buy, etc register here for an invite.

Second + Pine 25% Reserved

I received an email saying that the project at Second and Pine is already 25% reserved. It’s unclear what reserved means though they are boasting: The Priority Preview Events held last night at Benaroya Hall resulted in 20 new home reservations for the condominiums representing over $30 million in condominium sales. There’s another review tonight,… Read More

Sunday Seattle Times

Here’s a look at what some of the ads were saying in this Sunday’s Seattle Times. Bolero: Prices starting at $180’s. 35 sold in 30 days. Brix: Coming soon to Capitol Hill. Canal Station: Phase II previewing now open Dwell Roosevelt: Buyer bonus on last 10 homes. Harwood: $4,000 buyer bonus. First 10 buyers, no… Read More

Blog post about Plaza Del Sol

There’s a funny blog post up on a Livejournal site about Plaza Del Sol, Who’s going to pay $250,000 for justchad’s old studio? Did they ever cover up that lube hand print? Will it remain a drug dealer haven? Will it remain a sex party haven? Is it worth it? Too funny.

A look at Plaza Del Sol

This afternoon I stopped by the Plaza Del Sol sales office to check things out. The buildings were originally built in 1993 and have 81 units, 27 of which have been sold already (they went on sale 5 days ago). Prices start at $221,950 for a 450 square foot studio and go up to $471,950… Read More

Meritage Photos

Here are some photos from the Meritage Sales Center Here’s a shot of the fridge (Fisher Paykel) and stove (GE gas): The sink and dish washer: The finish choices: The lot where they’re just about to pour the third floor:

Meritage Price Has Increased

I hear from a friend who has been looking on Capitol Hill at both Plaza Del Sol and the Meritage that the prices have gone up on some Meritage units by $20,000 as a result of Plaza Del Sol’s higher pricing (see my post on the Plaza’s higher pricing). This is great news for me… Read More


Wendy has a look at some of the conversions on the market today. Here is a summary of her reviews: Urban Terrace: 3.5/5.0 5th Ave N: 4.0/5.0 Plaza Del Sol: 4.5/5.0 Bolero: 4.0/5.0 I also think there are a few more on the market like Francis Fremont and Magnuson Pointe.