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Wendy on the Vulcan properties

I’ve been swamped and just checking up on things. If you’re interested in the Vulcan quartet be sure to check out Wendy’s post on becoming a Vulcannaire.

Wendy on Mezzo

Wendy on the Mezzo: You will get slightly higher end finishes in Mezzo than Plaza Del Sol. Mezzo’s interior features hardwood floors, tile flooring in the bathroom, granite slab countertops, zebrawood cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. Sounds like the finishes are higher end then what I got at the Meritage, which I find pretty disappointing…. Read More

Four Seasons Webcam

If you can afford a multi-million dollar condo do you really have the time to watch them build it?

Biscayne Details

Two readers have left comments about the Biscayne (Wallingford conversion). Starting in the $200’s 1B/1BA & 2B/1BA Opening July 2006, but that might just be the office New colors and landscaping They have units under $300,000

Seattle Times Sunday

It’s been a few weeks since I last picked up a weekend Seattle Times to check out the ads. Here’s what the ads are saying this week: 3901 first: ‘Presales starting late June 2006’. Asia: ‘75% sold’ Bagley Lofts: Hurry! Selling Fast! (How long has Bagley been on the market now?) Bolero: ‘70% sold in… Read More

High-rises price out the middle

Seattle Times, High-rises price out the middle: I like the idea of an army of spit-shine new residents invading downtown. It’s fewer cars on the road, a nod to our healthy economy and hints at the world-class city we’ve always wanted to be. But I don’t see any place for the middle class. Any firefighter,… Read More

Condo Pricer

I stumbled across this site recently, CondoPricer : the west coast urban real estate guide. However, their list of condos is pretty short and the details it has on each are pretty sparse.

Plan for the old QFC on Capitol Hill

The Stranger, Broadway Bound: Height Increase Pays Off for North Capitol Hill: The dead zone at the north end of Capitol Hill’s Broadway—currently anchored by two vacant grocery stores, a Taco Bell, a vacant Bartell Drugs, and a parking lot—will, by 2009, become a little less dead, thanks to developer Bob Burkheimer’s (long-delayed) plans to… Read More

Vulcan acquires more property

Seattle Time, Vulcan buys block from Pemco: Paul Allen’s real-estate company, Vulcan, has announced further expansion into South Lake Union’s Cascade neighborhood with the purchase of a two-acre full block previously owned by Pemco Insurance. Sounds like they bought 2 acres for $15 million bringing Vulcan’s ownership to 60 acres. Here’s a map from the… Read More

Urban Outcry was also checking out Veer

Urban Outcry, To Be or Not to Be Rested: As I have mentioned to most of my friends, Rob and I have had our eye on Veer Lofts since we first heard of them a year ago. It won’t be easy, there are 99 of them and hundreds of people who want them. Vulcan employees,… Read More

Mezzo Exterior Pictures

Curious about where exactly Mezzo Condos was I wandered over to 711 East Denny Way (definitely not ‘where Capitol Hill, downtown and South Lake Union converge’) and took a few photos of the exterior: The building looks fine except for that large red band with metal strip running up above what presumably is going to… Read More

Mezzo Grand Opening

Mezzo, the latest Capitol Hill conversion (formerly The Place Apartments), is having their grand opening (even though they’re already sold two units?), on Wednesday June 28th from 5 to 6:30pm. DJing the event is Pearl Django and after a quick peak at their website I get the sense that their target demographic likely differs from… Read More

Enso Floor Plans

Here are the Enso floor plans we received. 1 bed / 1 bath Open 1 bed / 1 bath – 703 sf – floors 5-16 1 bed / 1 bath – 705 sf – floors 5-16 1 bed / 1 bath – 771 sf – floors 5-16 1 bed / 1 bath – 771 sf… Read More

Rollin Street Floor Plans

I’ll get around to naming these later… In the meantime here are the sample of Rollin Street floorplans. 1 bed / 1 bath 1 bed / 1 bath – 703 sf – floors 2-10 1 bed / 1 bath – 777 sf – floors 2-10 1 bed / 1 bath – 811 sf – floors… Read More

Veer Lofts Floor Plans

Here are the floor plans we received for Veer Lofts: Flat – Unit 615 – 615 sq ft Flat – Unit 306 – 755 sq ft Flexi loft – Unit 413 – 635 sq ft + 316 sq ft Flexi loft – Unit 507 – 610 sq ft + 210 sq ft Full loft –… Read More

Seattle Times: Real estate consultant thinks living downtown is great

In the Seattle Times ‘guest columnist’, William Justen, real estate consultant discusses living downtown in Raising the ceiling on a vibrant downtown Seattle: Downtown living is about to get more dynamic. The city of Seattle’s new downtown zoning codes encourage taller, more-slender buildings and will bring even more vitality and vibrancy to our downtown. I… Read More

Discover SLU Event: Veer, Rollin Street, Enso, Martin

What little information there’s been about the next phase of developments at South Lake Union really piqued my interest and so I’d been anxiously awaiting this Saturday’s preview but it turned out to be pretty disappointing. In the end it was lots of hype for an early look at floorplans. This is the last time… Read More

My experience buying at the Meritage

So why did I buy at the Meritage? For the past two years I’d been passively watching the Seattle real estate market but I’d been a big believer in the imminent bursting of the Seattle real estate bubble so I didn’t pay too much attention. Interest rates were going up, incomes at the local tech… Read More

New Construction Showcase

I missed the New Construction Showcase the other night but some others made it. Seattle Times, Booming development set to change Seattle’s look: Despite soaring construction costs and land prices, the downtown Seattle residential pipeline is booming with new condominium projects. Forty-nine new buildings — 13 of which already are under construction — are planned… Read More

Three19 and the Meritage

Recently Wendy did a review of Three19 and the Meritage: All in all, Meritage and Three19 have a great location, good pricing, and nice finishes. I would rate both of them a 4.5/5. Having paid attention to both (and bought at the Meritage) what are my thoughts? If you’re looking for a two bedroom, I… Read More