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Florera Goes on Sale November 11th

Ah finally, some new events! Mark your calendar two weekends from now for Florera’s kick off. November 11th if you pre-registered you get a chance to buy ahead of the public opening. November 12th is when you’ll be competing against the masses at the public grand opening. The fine print: Pricing will be available at… Read More

$5k Buyer Bonus at Queen Anne High

Queen Anne High is offering a buyer’s bonus: For a limited-time, Queen Anne High School is offering a $5,000 BUYER BONUS on all homes under $400,000*! Ah the benefits of a slowing making market. The Seattle Times has a couple AP articles on this trend, Glut of unsold houses likely to bring more cuts in… Read More

Urban living

Two recent articles on urban living in Seattle if you haven’t already made the plunge. The Seattle Times, Booming Belltown a draw for urban aficionados: “The general consensus from Belltown people is they pretty much hate it,” said King, referring to seemingly never ending construction of high-rise condominium and apartment buildings in his neighborhood. Pine… Read More

The Stranger on 5th and Madison

The Stranger Blog has way too many posts and I can barely keep up. But a quick search reveals this recent article about 5th and Madison, Care for a Condo to match that Prius? My first reaction, of course, was to snark. Environmentally friendly, LEED-silver certified condos for the very wealthy? Sounds like a marketing… Read More

What condo is being built where the Cha Cha is?

The Stranger, The Cha Cha, Like My Heart, Will Go On: Thanks to Slog tipster Colonel Keith Bacon, I just received word of the new liquor license application submitted by the owners of the Cha Cha Lounge, who appear to be fleeing their soon-to-be-condofied block on Pine Street for the sunnier-for-now pastures of Pike St…. Read More

Trace Lofts site updated

The Trace Lofts site has been updated with an awful Flash teaser. ‘Check back in January for the full site launch’. The January date is unfortunate because my Veer date is in December and my interest in the South Lake Union projects is waning. I’d love to find out more about Trace Lofts before I… Read More

More Veer Photos

Send in your photos from the Discovery Center and I’ll post them :). These are from a reader’s camera phone:

Vertigo hits the MLS

Vertigo’s model has hit the MLS, 705 E Republican St #502. At $455/sq ft it feels like a pricey conversion for Capitol Hill given it’s ugly status. But there are 12 photos attached to the listing if you’re interested in seeing the interior:

My visit to the new Discovery Center

I stopped by the new Discovery Center this morning. It re-opened Monday and is in ‘soft launch’ mode. This means that they still have a few kinks to iron out (finish bathroom for the Rollin model, rotate the Rollin scale model, add a ladder to the Veer model, etc.) but lottery card holders and the… Read More

Discovery center re-opens

The discovery center for Enso, Rollin, Veer re-opened today. In the back of my mind I knew it was re-opening but I’ve been slammed at work (gotta love 13 hours days). Hopefully I can sneak away tomorrow (unlikely) or Thursday to check it out and snap some photos. If you beat me to it be… Read More

Seattle Times: Staking their claim

This weekend the Seattle Times has a lengthy article on Getting the right floor plans, amenities and views by buying a presale. The most interesting bit for the new condo pre-sale shopper is the discussion of the differences between reservations and earnest money deposits. Some other choice quotes: About 90 percent of condominiums at 2200,… Read More

Olive 8 adds three more floors

This is old news, sorry for not blogging it earlier if you missed it too. Seattle PI, New condos: Which one’s the tallest of all?: Developer R.C. Hedreen Co. announced [October 4th] that it was adding three floors, pending city approval, to Olive 8 — a hotel-condo building under construction at Eighth Avenue and Olive… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

What’s going on in the Seattle Sunday Times? Well I feel like lots of projects that are advertising are a little desparate. There definitely are some deals to be had with no homeowners, mortgage paid for 3-6 months, buyer bonuses, etc. I also feel like there are a lot of projects that are not in… Read More

Seattle PI on conversions

I think I missed this Seattle PI article about the effect of conversions on the tenants, Forced-out tenants could see more money: Ann Silver’s landlord must pay her $500 to move out of the apartment she’s lived in for nearly 16 years — an apartment that’s about to become a condo. The condo in question… Read More

Seattle = Vancouver?

In his blog post, There but for the grace of Vancouver go I, Marlow asks ‘Will downtown Seattle also become a playground for the rich and the elderly?’: In Vancouver, ninety percent of the nine million square feet of new towers approved in downtown during this decade have been condos. In certainly looks like it… Read More

‘1’ Downtown hotel+condo project

Seattle Times, Hotel developer hopes “1” will be classiest number: A Portland developer and hotel-industry veteran from the Northeast announced intentions Wednesday to build a 23-story hotel and condominium called “1” at Second Avenue and Pine Street. Condos will start at $700,000.

Delays at 2200

I got an e-mail today from a 2200 owner about the delays at Vulcan’s first project. I am purchasing a unit in 2200 – the new Vulcan Building. As you may know, it is significantly delayed. As part of the full disclosure process, I think it would be helpful for potential buyers to know the… Read More

Stock up on blue tape?

Ardell over at Rain City Guide has a tip for all of you moving into new construction projects, bring your own blue tape: But here’s the TIP of the DAY! I love this one and so do my clients. We bring our own blue tape. The new construction person will usually have blue tape, and… Read More

Seattle PI on family-friendly urban living

Seattle PI, Parents want more family-friendly downtown living: Parents say they need condos built with families in mind. Developers and families say they need a downtown school. And school district officials say they need to see some demand. I can’t think of a single condo of the 70 something in the works now that advertise… Read More

Brix preview update

I received an email from Brix on their latest: During our first VIP preview weekend, we reserved approximately 50% of our homes and those buyers will be going to contract next week! We are continuing to take reservations for VIPs only until Sunday, October 15th and we have a wonderful selection of remaining homes. Sales… Read More