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MLS Watch: Is anyone not flipping their 2200 unit?

Three more 2200 units hit the MLS today. 2200 Westlake #W1106 – $1,028,000 – 2 bed/2 bath – 1,415 sq ft – $757/SqFt 2200 Westlake #W600 – $890,000 – 2 bed/2 bath – 1,423 sq ft – $625/SqFt 2200 Westlake Ave #403 – $495,000 – 1 bed/1 bath – 732 sq ft – $676/SqFt –… Read More

Enso Construction Begins

While I haven’t heard personally about delays at Veer I did get an e-mail that construction as started at Enso: We are excited to announce that we have begun construction on Enso! As we write, Sellen Construction crews are tearing down the existing small buildings. If you are in the neighborhood, drive by and see… Read More

Veer Dates Pushed Back?

Just got an e-mail from someone who has had their Veer date pushed back from December 4th to January 13th. I have not yet had my date pushed back. If this is the case, this SUCKS. I just sold a large amount of stock and moved it out of my brokerage account in anticipation of… Read More

Redfin is hiring SDEs, SDETs, Agents, Etc.

I try very hard not to use this blog to pimp Redfin other than using it when I link to a listing on the MLS but a lot of you work in the tech business and maybe you’re looking for a opportunity at a rapidly growing fun startup in the Seattle / Bay Area. Plus… Read More

Busy day of price slashing at the MLS

4 units at Mezzo dropped in price. 711 E Denny Way #101, $10,000 reduction to $310,000 711 E Denny Way #201, $10,000 reduction to $325,000 711 E Denny Way #204, $6,000 reduction to $279,000 711 E Denny Way #402 , $20,000 reduction to $425,000 5 units at Metropole dropped in price. And you should also… Read More

A warning to the marketing companies

There was a great article in Canada’s national paper, The Globe and Mail that a friend forwarded to me today. It’s about a condo development in Toronto with over the top marketing, Oh, give me a home where the bohemians roam. Bohemian Hosted on Zooomr It talks of parties, clueless marketing reps, VIP lists but… Read More

Pier 70

Marlow speculates about condo living at Pier 70, Real World Seattle: So, Pier 70 would be the coolest place to live, but it would be impossible to get a permit today to build something like this. Residential uses are prohibited on the Pier because of an urban-harborfront overly district.

Meritage Incentives

Checking out Craigslist ads I see that the Meritage is offering $7,500-$10,000 buyer bonus incentives on the last three pent house units. They’re also closing down their sales center very soon… 124 Bellevue Ave E #705 – 2 bed/2 bath – 1,008 sq ft – $750,000 124 Bellevue Ave E #??? – 1 bed/1.5 bath… Read More

Condos and Dogs

Phoenix Rudder has a post out about the challenge dog owners face finding a condo, Your Dog, Your Condo: One of the biggest challenges if you are a dog owner and are looking to buy a condo is the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Next time I update the site I’ll include a field for… Read More

2200 Homes Hit the MLS

Looks like 2200 homes are beginning to hit the market. I’d be curious to know what these sold for originally if anyone has that info. 900 Lenora St #W-309: $537,000 – 1 bed/1 bath, 822 sq ft, $653 Sq/Ft 910 lenora St #S 401: $599,950 – 1 bed/1 bath, 918 sq ft, $654 Sq/Ft 2121… Read More

Invitations for events

While out last week in Manhattan I received an invitation to a pre-completion preview of three19 (which where I hear closing has been delayed AGAIN. I’m assuming that this is so they can finish the unsold units ahead of the ones that people have already purchased so they can get potential buyers in them while… Read More

A visit to Florera

Now I’ve been off in San Fran and Manhattan the last couple weeks but Greg recently visited Florera and here are his thoughts: I am in the market for a 2 bedroom condo and went to the Florera Greenlake sales office this weekend. I thought you might be interested in some of the details for… Read More

LLCs to protect developers

Seattle PI, State leaves condo owners in lurch (via Seattle Bubble, The Joys Of Condo Ownership): The Ballard Square Condominium Owners Association sued the building’s developer, Dynasty Construction Co., in 2002, claiming that their recently built homes were riddled with leaks that had caused extensive building damage and asserting that Dynasty failed to meet construction… Read More

Transparency about agent incentives

There was a fascinating article in the WSJ the other day on the topic of agent compensation disclosure, Do Real-Estate Agents Have a Secret Agenda? Slow sales have prompted builders and some individual sellers to offer unusually generous incentives to agents whose clients buy a home. Sellers normally pay the buyer’s agent 2% to 3%… Read More

Mezzo Event Tonight

I love it how projects send out invitations to events the day of… (Three19, Mezzo, Epic, Lumen, Domaine are all projects I think are guilty of this.) If you’re in the mood for for ‘warm drinks’ and want to check out Capital Hill’s latest conversion Mezzo is having an event tonight: Step into Mezzo for… Read More

Whole Foods Opens Tomorrow

A friend sent in this tip on Whole Foods and other Vulcan complex tenants: The downtown Whole Foods Market opens at 8 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 8, with a bread breaking ceremony; a 4- to 6-foot long baguette will be torn into, before the crowds spill into the store to sample the wares. Also opening in… Read More

My Visit To Gallery

This weekend I stopped by Gallery for their grand opening weekend even though they have been open for three weeks already. Some random facts: There are 44 different floor plans Amenities: Gym, two large outdoor patios, lounge Views of the Sound or the Space Needle depending on what side you are on They’ve signed a… Read More

Experts say: Condo boom just starting

Seattle PI, Condo boom just starting, experts say: Williams, a Seattle company that works with home developers, set the tone with its invitation, noting that Seattle’s 228 households per square mile downtown lags far behind the 680 per square mile in downtown Vancouver, B.C., the 701 in San Francisco and the 3,223 in New York…. Read More

Price reductions, increases, and flooding the MLS

This weekend we saw the following things happen: Lumen flooded the MLS with 5 listings 2607 Western Ave #207 was reduced in price $20,000 to $290,000 Mosler Lofts unit #TH2 increased $20,000 to $665,000

Saturday Seattle Times

This weekend I bought the Saturday Seattle Times. I assume the ads in The NewHomes Saturday is the same as the Sunday Real Estate section? None the less, here are the big take aways: 500 Elliott – For a limited time, upgraded finishes and 2nd parking spot, free! Arboretum View – $4,000 buyer bonus Bolero… Read More