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My Close Date

My close date for the Meritage is February 7th. If you have any advice on lenders or closing please let me know, this is my first real estate purchase in America.

PI Finally Reports on the Fremontization fo Capitol Hill

The Seattle PI finally catches up with The Stranger and The Weekly on Condos soon will replace a bit of Capitol Hill counterculture: He said the new condos were using funky stores like his, and the idea of urban living, to lure new residents. But his store is among those being pushed out, and the… Read More

I ask again, is anyone living at 2200?

I kidded before, but there are now 12 units from 2200 on the market and 4 being rented on Craigslist. Does anyone have a price sheet or average price per square foot for 2200? Does anyone know if all the units at 2200 have closed or can we expect more to hit either the market… Read More

MLS Watch: Reverse psychology at Three19

The new construction market seems to have really cooled off during this holiday season. Fortunately we have MLS watch to generate at least a few posts a week here :). Three19 is trying a little reverse psychology. See their units aren’t selling so they’re now raising the price an additional $30,100. Interesting. Let’s see if… Read More

MLS Watch: Price drop at 2200, more Tavona and Eastlake

Price cut on a 2200 unit. 2200 Westlake Ave #403: $20,000 decrease to $475,000 – 732 sq ft, $649/sq ft 6 Tavona units hit the MLS: 3333 Wallingford Ave N #208 – $264,000 – 561 sq ft – $471/sq ft 3333 Wallingford Ave N #309 – $342,000 – 700 sq ft – $489/sq ft 3333… Read More

Eastside Redfin Meetup This Thursday

Interested in using Redfin to buy your next new construction condo? Want to meet the people behind the company? Interested in working for us? On Thursday we’ll be grabbing drinks near the Microsoft campus and would love for you to join us, Thursday-Night Chimichangas at the Redmond Azteca: Every day, Redfin gets a dozen or… Read More

Condo hotels a bad idea?

Forbes takes a look at the condo hotel trend, A Room Of Your Own and finds that it might not be all that it is cracked up to be: Kearney bought his room at the W Las Vegas for $493,000 (his broker got him in before units went on sale to the public for $650,000)…. Read More

The Stranger on Capitol Hill Condo Developments

While out of town I must have missed The Stranger’s recent lengthy feature article on The Death of Pike/Pine: Seattle Developers Have Used the “Hip” Factor to Sell Condos Up and Down the Pike/Pine Corridor. Now They’re About to Kill the Bars and Businesses That Make the Strip Vibrant. It’s an extensive look at both… Read More

MLS Watch: Increase at Olive 8, Decrease at 5th and Madison

Huge price increase at Olive 8: 737 Olive Way #2800 – $200,000 price increase to $1,325,000 (someone must have typed that in wrong!) – 1,538 sq ft – $862 sq/ft 5th and Madison unit drops in price A SECOND TIME. And wow, $504 sq/ft is actually a good deal! 909 5th Ave #702 – $15,000… Read More

Trace Lofts and Trace North Update

The folks over at Trace sent me some more info on their two projects Trace Lofts and Trace North. Trace North: 450 to 1000 square feet $300,000 to $800,000 On sale April 2007 Occupancy December 2007 Trace Lofts: 560 to 1150 square feet $300,000 to $800,000 On sale January 2007 Occupancy July 2007 As my… Read More

MLS Watch: More Olive 8, up and downs at 5th and Madison

A luxury penthouse from Cristalla has hit an already flooded luxury market: 2033 2ND AVE #PH 2 – $4,695,000 – 3,092 sq ft, 1400 sq ft patio w/killer BBQ – $1,518 sq/ft A few more Olive 8 listings have hit the market: 737 Olive Way #2200 – $1,125,000 – 1,538 sq ft – $731 sq/ft… Read More

Where do sales centers go to die?

I got a nice letter in the (snail) mail today (do not all the buyers have e-mail addresses?) from the folks at Meritage (where I bought a unit) and one of the notes in the message was: We closed the [sales center’s] doors after Thanksgiving, and are donating the cabinets and fixtures to Habitat for… Read More

Expo 62 on 2nd and John

Josh left a comment wondering about Expo 62. I haven’t heard about this development. Has anyone else and have details to share?

So you’re not into new construction

If you’re not into new construction but love reading blogs about real estate (instead of blogs about the real estate business which I must admit I absolutely hate reading but do anyway because it’s a bit like checking out a car crash) you should check out the Redfin Seattle Blog because we have just assembled… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

I haven’t picked up a Seattle Sunday Times recently but I did this weekend and was surprised just few ads there were. The marketing firms are really dialing back their spending on Sunday paper advertising. I’m curious to know if they are advertising elsewhere (one of these days they’ll catch on to Google ads as… Read More

Luxury Condos in Seattle

The Seattle Times this weekend had a big article on luxury real estate, The new luxury in Real Estate and takes a look at the definition of luxury condos: How does an “all-luxury” building differ from a regular condominium project? For starters, there’s price: Most luxury condos cost $1,200 a square foot or more. As… Read More

Condos on Leased Land

In the Seattle Times Real Estate Q&A section this weekend someone wonders: Q: How important is it for a condo association to own the land under its building, and what are the consequences if the land is owned by another party? Also, must the seller divulge who owns the land? I have no idea how… Read More

Changes to condo rules?

Seattle PI, City looks at condo rules from ground up: The first change would eliminate limits on street-level residential use on most lots that are not facing busy streets and have height limits under 85 feet. Planners would reevaluate where to allow more residential use along arterial streets after the city completes a citywide pedestrian… Read More

Leschi Conversion

I got word of a new conversion coming in Leschi Ridge named City View: Occupancy will begin in February ’07, pricing starting from $185,000 to $450,000. and sq ft starting from 457 SqFt Studio to a 2-story top floor 2 bdrm unit at 1353 SqFt. Built in 2003, units will be updated with new finishes… Read More