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Urbnlivn meetup tonight

Reminder that the Urbnlivn meet up is tonight. I believe we have a grand total of 4 RSVPs which probably translates into 10 or 15 people showing up. If you’re on the fence, swing by for a drink, meet the competition for your favorite project, heck one day you might be neighbors. I also expect… Read More

Seattle Loft Report

If you are into lofts, Urban Living Seattle, a realtor run site, has a 2006 Loft Report. Unfortunately you have to e-mail them to get it (presumably so they can add you to their e-mail lists.)

Want to buy at Enso or Rollin and missed the lottery?

If you want to buy at Enso or Rollin and you missed the first lottery John L. Scott recently sent out information on the ‘secondary sales process’: Obtain a reservation agreement from the John L. Scott South Lake Union sales team. Or click here to download your form. Complete the reservation form and submit with… Read More

Olive8 developer and contractor part ways

Seattle Times, Condo phase causes a split: The developer of Seattle’s tallest residential tower and its general contractor are parting ways. Developer R.C. Hedreen Co. and Skanska USA Building said Friday they were unable to come to terms on a “proposed contract revision” for the second phase of construction at Olive 8, a 39-story hotel… Read More

Meritage move in date

My Meritage move in date is February 18th, 4-8 p.m. Close is still on track for the 15th. I’ll post more about my mortgage situation when I can.

Your call cannot be completed

After five minutes of a weird busy signal alternating with ‘Your call cannot be completed as dialed’ I was the ninth caller at 8:03 a.m. Any how, my Trace appointment is February 5th at 6 p.m. Who got in before me? I hate you, please do not take the unit I am interested in.

You’re Invited: Urbnlivn Meetup — Wednesday, 31-Jan-2007

by guest contributor Carl Goodman You’re invited to the Urbnlivn Meetup inaugural get together: Wednesday, 31-Jan-2007 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. Broadway Grill, back lounge 314 Broadway East, Capitol Hill (No-host soda, beer, wine and appetizers will be available.) Don’t know about you, but I think of Urbnlivn as a lifestyle site – full of culturally… Read More

More consumer thoughts on Trace and the industry

Another comment on Trace worth bubbling up to the front page of the blog: “Bout to make some dead presidents macking a million G / The money though, it’s got people actin funny yo” – Gang Starr So… after prequalifying you spend all morning on the phone trying to score an early reservation meeting. If… Read More

The industry doesn’t listen

I’m sure the few developers and marketing folks who stumble upon this site dismiss me as a nerdy guy with no life and likely suspect that no one reads or visits this blog. This of course could not be further from the truth. This site has many hundreds of visitors a day and receives thousands… Read More

UW to build condos?

Seattle Times, UW hopes to build hundreds of condos for faculty. Jim Rose, a private U District developer, estimates the two UW lots should yield about 250 condos at a construction cost of about $50 million. The UW is considering a separate development in a former Navy barracks it owns in Sand Point Magnuson Park,… Read More

Need to know condos

There’s another Seattle condo site out there. Check out Need To Know Seattle Condos for a few articles and a few write-ups on Belltown condos.

Decatur party was packed

I was unable to attend the Decatur opening event. I thought it was just a preview event but apparently they were writing up purchase and sale agreements. I hear from my spies that the place was packed, every one was elbow to elbow and that at least 26 PSAs were drawn up. I also hear… Read More

Success brings problems in Vancouver

The New York Times recently had an interesting article about the perils of building a successful residential downtown core, The Zoning Policy That Worked Too Well. It looks specifically at Vancouver and is worth a read if you think that Seattle might one day follow in Vancouver’s foot steps: “Vancouver probably has one of the… Read More

Sculpture park as selling point?

Seattle Times, Sculpture park as selling point: Would a short walk to Seattle’s new Olympic Sculpture Park help persuade you to give up your home in the ‘burbs? Sellers of condominium projects near the park in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood hope the answer is “yes.” Ugh, I’m all for people moving in from the ‘burbs, but… Read More

Condo wave leaves renters battered?

Seattle Times, Condo wave leaves renters battered: In 2006, more than 2,300 rental units were converted to condos in Seattle, up from 430 in 2004. As a renter for the last three years in Seattle I feel like renting has been a good deal. There was a lot of inventory when I was looking and… Read More

More info on Trace Lofts

Here’s some more information I’ve gathered on Trace Lofts: Final pricing not until April Only one finish option, no chance to see a finish board before reservations HOA’s not set but will be ‘industry standard’ Common amenity is a roof top deck and ‘the neighborhood’ There will be no sales office Close will be June/July… Read More

Trace Lofts on Flickr

Looks like the Trace Lofts folks have a flickr account: traceloft’s photos. Instead of cheesy marketing photos it would be cool if they were taking photos of the inside throughout the renovation process.

Reports from Trace Lofts preview event

I had been really looking forward to this event but it sounds like I did not miss much. Once I have a chance to check out the website I’ll post my thoughts. In the meantime here are the thoughts of two ladies who attended the event. by guest contributor Kristi I showed up at 8:30… Read More

Condo conversions increasing exponentially

I missed this Stranger article but the Seattlest pointed it out and it’s never to late to link to a blurb about condo’s in Erica’s column, In The Hall: Some of the most interesting findings in the report had to do with condo conversions, which increased dramatically in the last three years—from 358 in 2004;… Read More

Seattle bucking the trend??

I just got to San Francisco and see that everyone is blogging about today’s Seattle PI article Seattle bucks trend on slumping condos: Seattle’s market was not to blame for a recent decision to change a planned 34-story downtown building from condominiums to apartments. Here’s the info graphic from the article: I’m sorry this article… Read More