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MLS Watch

2200 More new listings, more price reductions. One for $20k. My search shows 31 active listings. I’m sure there’s more on Craigslist either as rentals or FSBO. My favorite new listing is this $731/sq ft studio, 900 Lenora St #W702. Check out the nice view that is about to go away :). Bagley Lofts Unit… Read More

Will Seattle buck the trend?

Argh, another article I was interviewed for but I didn’t make it in. Washington CEO, Will Seattle’s condo market continue to buck the national trend? Fortunately this article is much more critical of the Seattle condo market than other articles have been. However, I am disappointed it didn’t dig deeper and talk about the struggling… Read More

April Seattle Metropolitan condo buyers guide

The April Seattle Metropolitan has a feature on not just the best neighborhoods but also a condo buyers guide: Choosing a place to live is all about finding the best fit, and our city’s got infinite options. We’ve identified 10 up-and-coming neighborhoods and crunched a bunch of numbers for the whole metropolitan area so you… Read More

Trace informational: I’m sold

Wow, I just got back from the Trace informational session, and I am excited! First a photo from Todd Bates (via Vlad): What happened was they had the following people speak for 5-10 minutes followed by a long Q&A followed by 1:1 time: Ted Schroth the developer Jim Goldberg the sales manager Jeff Oaklief the… Read More

MLS Watch: Meritage re-sales and lofts at Monique and Veer

Meritage There has been some discussion of re-sales in the forum. One unit, #401, went STI, #306 popped up on the weekend at $487/sq ft and #203 was just listed today at $490/sq ft. Monique Lofts A cool unit at the Monique Lofts just came on the market, 1505 11th Ave #405 – $599,000, 934… Read More

Reader tours the Pittsburgh in LQA

A reader recently toured The Pittsburgh a conversion at 129 Warren that was originally built in 1907 and was kind enough to write in with the following: The unit for $150k is 255 sq ft. There are four studios in the building, and they are all on the ground floor. The largest is 404 sq… Read More

Vertigo Update

A reader wrote in with the following update on Vertigo (I guess my photo is out of date now!): I just stopped by the Vertigo on Republican and got the latest price sheet. Yes, it’s an awful looking exterior. Overall pricing is now $175k to $425k. Available units sq footage range from 370 (Studio) to… Read More

Rollin Street on sale

I got an e-mail reminder that today is my Rollin Street purchase and sale appointment. Again, it really snuck up on me! Has anyone else gone to their appointment? Did you purchase? How are sales going? If you didn’t use your appointment, why not?

Buying at Equinox or Leona tomorrow?

Tomorrow marks the first opportunity to buy at either Equinox or Leona. If you’re buying let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear what unit you reserved and why, we’d also love to hear about how the sales are going. For those interested in Equinox they made their ‘private’ website public today. You… Read More

Gym to be the other Trace Lofts tenant

A gym seems like such the wrong thing to put in the Trace retail space. From the PSBJ, Fitness club opens, plans Seattle expansion: Xplore Fitness, owned by Travis and Mari Blackford, took over the space previously occupied by Pure Fitness at 808 Second Ave. The company plans to open a First Hill location at… Read More

Report from the Urbnlivn Meetup Front

by guest contributor Carl Goodman More than 20 Urbnlivn fans got together Wednesday night in the swanky VIP room of Amber Lounge in Belltown for our second Meetup. Our Meetups are great ways to connect offline, share insights about downtown Seattle condos, and build a palpable sense of community among kindred souls passionate about the… Read More

New Vulcan project by REI?

A reader write in with the following tip: Word on the grapevine is that Vulcan will soon announce another condo bldg, maybe 8 stories, concrete&steel, to be built by REI, kinda off Eastlake (I’m thinking perhaps near Eastlake & Harrison, but unsure). They will range from 250k-750k. Sales to begin in the fall, if things… Read More

An ugly Decatur inspection

Matt: I had a reader e-mail me about the inspection they had done on their Decatur unit (Decatur is a conversion on Pioneer Square by the Wysong Group who has done the conversions for the Press, Tobira and Windsor Court. It certainly does not sound good. Are there any other Decatur readers here? What did… Read More

Urbnlivn meetup tonight

Reminder that the second urbnlivn meetup is tonight! Wednesday, 21-Mar-2007 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Amber Restaurant & Lounge – Backroom 2214 First Ave. (at Blanchard St.), in Belltown (No-host soda, full bar, and appetizers will be available.) Carl’s first invitation and his second. Everyone is welcome. And if you’re wondering where to find the Equinox… Read More

Trace pricing and my indecision over what to do next

When I first heard about Trace Lofts a year ago I didn’t get too excited about it. Who would want to live at 12th and Madison? At the time all the night life action was further west on the Pike-Pine corridor. Now a year later the 12th and Madison area has Havana and will be… Read More

MLS Watch: All over the map

2200 Every day there is another reduction. 910 Lenora St #S906 was reduced $15,000 to $529,950. 900 Lenora St #W408 was reduced $1,000 to $385,500 (tip to Lyn Tully: add photos to your listing!). 2200 Westlake Ave #S503 was reduced $5,000 to $544,900. Plus they’re throwing in a 42″ flat screen TV (plasma or LCD?)… Read More

Thoughts on Equinox from a reader

Matt: I still haven’t got to Equinox yet, but a a reader has and their comments are below. I have also heard (but not confirmed) from someone else that a number of units are being reserved for Windermere and the developer’s friends and family. I’m sure this is common practice but I really liked that… Read More

Meritage Review Part 1: What did I buy and why?

In order to break up the work of writing about my Meritage unit I’m going to do it in parts: Part 1: What did I buy and why? Part 2: Photos Part 3: Defects/annoyances with the unit Part 4: Renovations I want to perform Part 5: Why I tried to fire and then sue my… Read More

Homeowner’s Dues

The Redfin Seattle Sweet Dig’s blog has a post about The Scoop on Homeowner’s Dues. The other thing I’m starting to do is collect the amount of HOA’s per square feet new developments are charging. If you know of any for the condos on our list let me know and I’ll add them to the… Read More

Condo’s location determines its value

Last week the Seattle Times answered the following question about how a Condo’s location determines its value My newest tax assessment values my studio condo in downtown Seattle at more than I think I could sell it for. The studios in my building have no parking, no washer/dryer, no view, no air-conditioning, no gas range,… Read More