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Going on vacation + thoughts on Fini?

This week is likely the worst week for me to take a vacation all year but it was booked a while ago. So you likely won’t see any posts here until the middle of next week. If you any good condo news or gossip leave a comment here or

Flipping. It’s not just something you do to pancakes.

This weekend the Seattle Times had an article on condo flipping, Tactics in place to deter buyers from flipping and it more or less paints a rosy picture of the situation here in Seattle. The Cosmo Blog has a follow-up blog post titled condo arbitrage. This article and topic really deserve a length post but… Read More

The Stranger on Liz Dunn & POWHat and 2200

Last week’s The Stranger had two condo related tidbits. The first was a letter to the editor, Happy Homeowner: You stated you just wanted to get a feel from the residents of their experience of living there and if Vulcan had met their expectations. I went on to say that it has been a great… Read More

Queen Anne High model home and reviews

Queen Anne High is has opened another model unit: Located in the Industrial Arts Building, a 1950s-era addition to the school, these homes have thoroughly contemporary features setting them apart from the historic Beaux Arts main building. Several are townhomes with stunning Seattle views from large private decks. One townhome is now complete, professionally decorated… Read More

I bought #201 at Trace Lofts

#201 is SOLD Yesterday a reader tipped me off that #201 might be unreserved, I hurriedly e-mailed Trace. Now even though I stayed up late last night I woke up early this morning to check my e-mail. No e-mails. I checked repeatedly this morning while trying to sleep and finally decided to give the Trace… Read More

Trace Eve

Tomorrow is my purchase and sale appointment at Trace. If you’ve followed the blog, comments and forums you’ll know that I originally had my hopes set on either #301 or a fourth or fifth floor unit. The top floor units feature balconies or terraces, floor to ceiling windows and on the fifth floor 14′ ceilings…. Read More

Trace North floor plans – on sale Monday

Trace North goes on sale Monday and in advance of that it looks like the floor plans made it to the web today (I hate how you have to use next and previous on their site to access the floor plans. Why can’t I just select the floor plan I want to see instead of… Read More

MLS Watch: $5.9 mil and everything else

2200 vs Cosmo Inventory Glut Match 36 versus 39. Winner: Cosmo. Cristalla There are 5 units available at Cristalla. The most recent to come on the market is a 436 square foot studio at $379,990. Only $872/sq ft. I guess I’ll stop bitching about Trace’s price per square foot. But it does have a $6,000… Read More

Reader wonders about Fremont and the CD

The other day I received an e-mail from a reader that I thought I’d post here for every one to respond to: I was wondering if you had heard anything about condos being built on stone way and 40th. They tore down the Safeway there awhile back and I had heard that they are going… Read More

Trace compared

Tomorrow I’m going to tour unit #408 ($495,000 for 776 square feet, 120 square feet of terrace), the unit I reserved, at Trace Lofts. Before going and getting too excited I thought it would be important to run the numbers while I’m still jaded. What I did was have an agent pull past sales from… Read More

Canal Station units held back?

Today I got this note from a reader, I don’t know if you heard but Canal station has stopped selling units. It has about 30 units left and the developer decided to hold them unit January 08. Apparently they were selling so well and fast that they thought why not keep them and sell them… Read More

Preferred lenders

I got this e-mail today from the preferred lender for Trace. I’d prefer to use my own lender but am now worried about some of the issues they mention below. Are they legitimate concerns or simply trying to steer business towards their lender? Hello Trace Buyers-it was nice to see you all at the event… Read More

Olive 8 upgrade sheet

A reader sent in their Olive 8 upgrade price list [pdf]. Thanks! It details the cost of items such as an additional cable jack ($486) to motorized blinds ($9,940). However, $181 for a wire basket in the shower and $4,591 for hardwood in the bedroom seem a little over priced. How much are your upgrades… Read More

My visit to Expo 62

On Saturday ‘Daddy-O’ and I stopped by the Expo 62 sales center. Now while they said they had a 100 visitors stop by; when we stopped in Saturday afternoon we were the only visitors. For the details on what’s being offered stop by Wendy’s blog as she’s done a good job describing the project. Here’s… Read More

Man suing 2200 speaks up and yen based loans

If you do not read the comments here are two recent cautionary comments worth noting. The first from Jerry, the man suing Vulcan over 2200, speaks up: Some of the issues evident from an early walk through of my unit included the fire sprinklers being installed above the framing for the ceiling (which would have… Read More

Condo happenings this weekend

Brix Brix is unveiling their new full size model unit today from 6-8pm. I stopped by yesterday to see it and it looks good. I’m mostly puzzled why for $495,000 I can buy a two story 917 square foot loft there but can only buy a 761 square foot view unit at Trace. It’s too… Read More

MLS Watch: Cosmo close to catching 2200

It’s been a boring week, no exciting new re-sale units. If you see any let me know (mail *at* or leave a post in the forums. I often wonder who can afford all these pricey condos especially given the low median condo price in Seattle. The PSBJ has a small article on Washington wages,… Read More

The Stranger blows open the situation at 2200

The Stranger blows open the situation at 2200, Lawsuit and Tenant Complaints Dog Vulcan in Denny Triangle. It’s a lengthy article with lots of thought provoking questions. Here’s a teaser to get you started: However, on March 26, 2007, O’Leary filed suit in King County Superior Court against the developers after a series of delays… Read More

I am looking for moorage

I’m having a terrible time finding moorage for my gas guzzling 23′ wakeboard boat (I plan to sell it soon but need a month or two more to say good bye.) If anyone knows of any slips on Lake Union or Lake Washington please let me know. I’d also consider trading boat use for a… Read More

POWHat Re-cap

The Slog has an update on the POWHat meeting the other night about the monster condo project at Pine and Belmont, Two Meetings: The design for the block is getting worse, not better. The latest renderings show a six-story, block-long structure with tiny balconies, several different colors of siding (how original!)and almost no green or… Read More