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Funky Lofts Blog

Today I spotted a car advertising Funky Lofts realty. Turns out they have a blog Funky Lofts. I like lofts and so I added them to the blog roll over on the right hand side of the site. If there’s any other good Seattle condo blogs I’m missing please let me know. Bonus link: Seattle… Read More

10 things a HOA won’t tell you

Yahoo Finance has as a rather alarmist article on 10 Things a Homeowners Association Won’t Tell You (via Galen). They are: “We Can’t Wait to Get Our Hands on Your Money — Or Even Your Home.” “We’re More Secretive Than the CIA.” “When in Doubt, We Sue.” “You Won’t Be Able to Sell When You… Read More

Selling #504 @ the ‘Taj: Sweet Digs!

You would think that as a Redfin employee I’d have some sort of inside access for getting my place on Sweet Digs our blog about Seattle real estate. But I really don’t so I was pleasantly surprised to see I made Sweet Digs today as one of the most clicked listings: So where can you… Read More

SLU prices raising?

Ben and Ashley (I guess Vulcan doesn’t like me anymore. Sad, I like getting press releases from developer’s marketing companies) let us know that as of August 1st the South Lake Union projects (Enso, Rollin and Veer) will begin holding back inventory and raising prices. It’s basic econ 101. Decrease supply and prices will go… Read More

Construction on QA?

A reader wonders: I’ve been trying to sort out what’s being built atop the new Bartells on top of queen Anne. It’s steel frame and they have a crane so it must be about 4 stories or so. Any idea?

Trace ‘upgrades’ underwhelming

(I know I’m risking getting the worst parking spot or a bad move in time by criticizing Trace like this but what the hell.) I was of course disappointed that I had no selection choices at Trace. No color scheme selection, no counter upgrades, no chance to put in a much desired shower instead of… Read More

5th and Madison project sold

Commercial Property News reports, Kennedy Wilson Buys Seattle Properties for $300M (thanks UrbanAsh). The adjacent 126-unit condo building is known as Fifth and Madison. Currently under construction, the project has pre-sold 84 of its residences (or two-thirds) at prices averaging $660,000 for 1,045-square-foot units. The project is slated for completion this fall. Is it strange… Read More

Pioneer Square Lofts – 121 Jackson

As I went to plug the meter just now (I usually don’t drive to work but did today because I thought I had a flight to catch) I noticed a sign going up for 6 lofts at 121 Jackson. Prices range from $425,000 for a 646 square foot studio to $1.2 mil for 1776 square… Read More

Selling a pre-sale unit

There’s a question in the forums about selling a pre-sale unit: My husband and I bought a presale unit in a condo in Seattle six months ago fully expecting to move in when the building was ready. Now, for a variety of personal and job related reasons, we decided that we will be moving out… Read More

The Townhome Invasion!

The Stranger had an article recently on the latest housing trend, Townhome Invasion: Townhomes are popping up all over Seattle as development booms, and some developers are using a process called “piecemealing” to expedite new construction. In piecemealing, a developer can purchase several small adjacent lots, file separate permits for each lot, and skirt the… Read More

How much are parking spots in Seattle?

The New York Times had a recent article on the price of parking spots, For Parking Space, the Price Is Right at $225,000: For developers in New York, parking is the highest and best use for below-grade space and fetches about the same price per square foot as actual living space, which costs much more… Read More

Selling #504 @ the ‘Taj: Gasp, price reduction!

I just got home from a long weekend in Vegas; I have much less money than when I left but we had a blast. When you combine an overdrawn bank account with my condo approaching its comparables average days on market it’s time for something about my listing to change. The options we considered: Free… Read More

SF Chronicle on SocketSite

The SF Chronicle has an article on SocketSite, the site I wish Urbnlivn could be for Seattle if I had the luxury of quiting my job and devoting myself full time – Getting down and dirty on housing: The blustery game of Bay Area real estate marketing has an important new player — Adam Koval…. Read More

Neighbors Try to Bulldoze Developer

The Stranger recently had an article about the house my friend are renting on Capitol Hill, Historical Materialism, Neighbors Try to Bulldoze Developer: LAST WEEK’S LANDMARK PRESERVATION Board hearing about the fate of a house on 611 13th Avenue East was an amazing display of what well-off, politically connected people can do when they want… Read More

Parc sales manager speaks up

In response to a post about delays at Parc the community sales manager for the project has sent me this e-mail: Hi Matt, My name is Troy Howard, and I’m the Community Sales Manager for The Parc condominiums. I just wanted to drop you a line to help clear up any confusion amongst bloggers on… Read More

Gone until July 9th

I’m taking a much needed break from work and will be gone until July 9th. See you then!

Report from the Urbnlivn Meetup Front

by guest contributor Carl Goodman Fans of Matt’s effervescent Web site rendezvoused the other night in South Lake Union for some pub fare, brewskys, and repartee on the wonderful world of condos. We also toasted the one-year anniversary of, a distinctly Seattle resource celebrating and empowering condo consumers. Capitol Hill and Downtown were the… Read More

Selling #504 @ the ‘Taj: Marketing

Besides the MLS I’ve posted on several other sites: Zillow Craigslist Google Base Live Expo Am I missing any?