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Trace delayed again!

I just spent the afternoon and evening flying to Salt Lake City and back. Please don’t ask. But while in Salt Lake City I did get a call from my Redfin Transaction Coordinator that Trace has been delayed to (at least) September 17th because supposedly the inspector got in a car accident. Really? There is… Read More

Full size grocery store coming downtown

Seattle PI, Basement of old S.H. Kress department store to become a full-size IGA grocery: “The downtown central business district of Seattle is one of the most ‘understored’ areas in the Pacific Northwest.” This will be great for all the folks moving into the Four Seasons, 1, 1521, Fifth and Madison, etc.

Trace update

I’ve been hesitant to blog about the end game at Trace because I just can’t believe it’s all going to come together. However so many of you asked last night I’m sure the rest of you are curious. I have locked on a loan product (now that’s a long story), I am scheduled to close… Read More

NYT article on condo end game

This weekend the New York Times had an article on the condo end game; delays, defects and dissatisfaction, Condos, Brand-New Yet Not So Perfect: WHEN dozens of buyers put down payments on apartments in the glassy new condominium tower called the Link at 310 West 52nd Street, they were looking forward to living with features… Read More

MLS Watch: Belmont Lofts now selling

Belmont Lofts, yet another Capitol Hill conversion, had 5 units hit the MLS today. I really could tear into their listing photos but I’ll just leave the issue to you all and point out that my favorite photo they posted is this one: Now their website has a choice quote on it that the bubble… Read More

Meetup tonight!

Quick reminder that the meetup is tonight. If you haven’t RSVP’d no worries, just come! We’ll be at the Columbia Tower Club starting at 6pm. Bonus link: House Humping: Sex and the open house

Writings elsewhere on Novelle, the Pittsburgh and Queen’s Court

Sabrina over on the Redfin Forums visited two open houses for conversion condos recently and I thought I’d post some links here for those interested in reviews of more affordable condos. Open house review: Novelle: All in all, I think the spaces were cute, bright, and well laid out, but it felt like a quickie… Read More

MLS Watch: Press increases prices?

I continue to watch the MLS to see what’s happening for new condo construction across the city and re-sale activity on Capitol Hill and it’s been pretty boring this summer (please email me if you see a neat listing!) However, this weekend in the midst of market upheaval Press Condos increased the price of 8… Read More

Bedside reading this week

I might need to crack open my stats text for this one… From the Real Estate Economics journal (2002 V30 2:pp 213-237), Listing Price, Time on Market, and Ultimate Selling Price: Causes and Effects of Listing Price Changes. Abstract: Information about price changes during a home’s marketing period is typically missing from data used to… Read More

Hillku on urban renewal

Hillku a blog written by a friend of mine has featured a couple poems about condos. One references Vertigo and the other two references establishments being torn down to make way for the Pine and Belmont mega-condo. Now I hate to out the author but I do find it interesting he recently moved into some… Read More

Reminder: Meetup this Wednesday

It’s exciting to see that we have 30-40 people RSVP’d for this Wednesday’s meetup. If you’re on the fence about coming don’t be silly and come. Yes, the bubble heads will make fun of those of us buying at the peak of the market, and those buying will make fun of the marketers and developers,… Read More

WSJ on condo projects going bankrupt

I worry that by posting this the comment section will be overrun by the bubble heads but I think it’s an important article to point out because of the consumer impact. From the Wall Street Journal, Condo Troubles Further Squeeze Property Lenders: Already plagued by rising home-loan defaults and foreclosures among overstretched consumers, major markets… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times – Kinda slow

Curious as to which downtown projects were advertising at the end of summer as the mortgage market implodes I picked up a Sunday Seattle Times. Here’s who is advertising and what their ads are saying: 1 Hotel – Sales debut September 2007 Carbon 56 – 50% sold. Summer Special: No Home Owner Dues for One… Read More

Selling #504 @ the ‘Taj: Open house

I’m caving and will be hosting an open house this Saturday and Sunday from 1-4pm. Feel free to come by and heckle. My promotion plans include signage, the Sunday Seattle Times and Craigslist. Any other promotion suggestions welcome.

MLS Watch: Too much concrete

A reader sent me a link to this $2 million condo at 2201 3rd Ave. Unfortunately I think having both concrete floors and ceilings is over doing it and gives it a car garage feel. …I should be going downhill biking this afternoon and breaking my arm or something but I think I’m going to… Read More

Agnes Lofts now renting

If I hadn’t bought at Trace I’d be renting at Agnes Lofts just across the street. Recently I received an email from them: Unit sizes at the Agnes range from approximately 680 – 990 sf. All units are double-height lofts. All units include a master bedroom and bath on the mezzanine level, and a powder… Read More

Smith Tower one step closer to condos

Yes, I’m behind on posting. Fortunately now that I’m on vacation time to just veg out and surf the web. From the Seattle PI last week, Smith Tower condo plan wins a unanimous vote: The historic Smith Tower took a major step Wednesday toward becoming condominiums. In a unanimous vote, Seattle’s Pioneer Square Preservation Board… Read More

Trace walk through

I had my Trace walk through last Thursday. I walked through with a RAFN representation and Jim from EK. The developer and architect had done a walk through the day before and caught most everything but there were still a few details we caught (GFI plug wouldn’t reset, a little paint splatter, a little extra… Read More

You’re Invited: A High-Flying Urbnlivn Meetup – Wednesday, 29-Aug-2007

by guest contributor Carl Goodman Join us at the aerie of Seattle’s tallest skyscraper for our fourth in an occasional series of Urbnlivn Meetups, where you can share your passion for, downtown Seattle and all things condo: When: Wednesday, 29-Aug-2007 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Where: Columbia Tower Club 701 Fifth Avenue, 75th Floor (corner… Read More

Trace delayed

There were a lot of rumors yesterday about delays at Trace (with additional speculation between buyers in email.) Some people at Trace were saying off the record there would be delays, others were saying on the record that there were no delays. We the customers had no clue who to believe since Trace was not… Read More