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Hillku on urban renewal

By August 27, 2007

Pine and Belmont, Vertigo

Hillku a blog written by a friend of mine has featured a couple poems about condos. One references Vertigo and the other two references establishments being torn down to make way for the Pine and Belmont mega-condo. Now I hate to out the author but I do find it interesting he recently moved into some Cap Hill new construction :).

Make sure you click through for their associated photos:

Condo infestation

Apartments convert.
Blocks torn down. Renters push’d out.
Is Cap Hill Bell Town?

Urban renewal can’t wait

Manray was on fire.
Demolition come early?
Condos replace bars.

Bus Stop

Bus Stop closing soon,
must drink up before it’s gone.

…Join the fun, post a condo/urban living haiku in the comments and I’ll buy the author of the best one a drink on Wednesday. Bonus points if you make fun of my condo that won’t sell.