Writings elsewhere on Novelle, the Pittsburgh and Queen’s Court

Sabrina over on the Redfin Forums visited two open houses for conversion condos recently and I thought I’d post some links here for those interested in reviews of more affordable condos.

Open house review: Novelle:

All in all, I think the spaces were cute, bright, and well laid out, but it felt like a quickie remodel with no attention to the minor details that fans of period homes would notice, like painting over knobs and drawer handles.

Ben has a few other notes including it’s previous names as apartments.

Open house review: The Pittsburgh

When I saw the listing, its square footage, and time on the market, I was thinking that 255sqf must be horrifyingly cramped, which is why such a cheap place has been sitting for almost 3 months now. (The photos in the listing are for the one bedroom unit, by the way.)

Another conversion was recently blogged about in this post on Vintage Seattle, Profile: Queen’s Court Condos (be sure to click through for the writer’s photos):

The kitchens have been gutted and redone with modern touches like stainless appliances. Not much of the original kitchens remain.

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  • nitsuj

    wow, 179k for 332 sq. ft. of living space

  • nitsuj

    wow, 179k for 332 sq. ft. of living space