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Barry talks about his vision for 1

Last Tuesday I was invited to the launching of 1. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise but I was impressed that all the publicists knew who I was without me having to introduce myself. It also shouldn’t have come as a surprise that I’d be under dressed in jeans and an un-tucked shirt (I… Read More

Who handles your condo garbage collection?

I was surprised to get a notice the other day about our ‘dumpster free service’ at Trace. The notice instructed us to dump our garbage down the chutes, place larger items in the garbage room and that we were to use the provided bags for recyclables (and take those to the garbage room too.) Still… Read More

No housing woes here!

Reuters, No housing woes in booming Washington state (via Fast Times): Lori Mason Curran, market research manager at Vulcan Real Estate, expects 135,000 people will move into the Seattle market over the next five years, propelling demand for housing that Vulcan’s property unit is building in South Lake Union. I guess I should hang onto… Read More

Condo tour?

Did anyone go on this weekend’s condo tour? It looked like a success for Trace as several hundred people toured the building (if you were there on Saturday sorry about the mess!) and several units were purchased.

The Stranger on conversions and Liz Dunn

Last week’s Stranger had three articles relating to condos but I missed posting them during my move… Condo Crushed: Last July, Breene and Carroll’s eight-unit building was indeed sold to a developer—Tony Mai—whom, they say, began work on their building, converting it to condos, weeks before residents were officially notified.

Moved in

Even though the moving truck was broken into and wouldn’t start my friends (and Justin from #301) rallied and we got all my belongings moved in (only took 1.5 hours.) Time to unpack and clean my old place (tenant moves in tomorrow morning at 9.) Time to also figure out washer/dryer, couch and replace everything… Read More

First day jitters

I feel silly posting this. I bought what is surely a great place but I don’t think I’m alone here in having a serious case of second thoughts once you’re past the point of no return. Why’s that? Tonight I visited my place twice and I should have been excited and ecstatic. I should have… Read More

I got my keys!

I went and picked up my keys this afternoon! Here’s the upper part of the lobby entry way: And the wall to the left as you walk in (north wall): As you walk towards the elevator: And finally my place! The kitchen: Looking north: Looking south: The bathroom:

MLS Watch – 2 weeks of new construction updates

2200 25 Bellagio Added 3 more units to the MLS for a total of 4. Their HOAs feel really low at $0.26/square foot. Cosmo 28 Decatur Decatur recently dropped prices on a number of units between $3k and $10k. Though oddly raised the price of #1306 $3k to $302,950 and #1007 $5k to $465,960 Equinox… Read More

Trace Loft rentals on Craigslist

With close just around the corner it’s not too surprising to see the investors starting to advertise. Maybe I shouldn’t have bought and just rented either of these. Both are west facing units that I considered buying. $2850 / 1br – Large-View Apartment near First Hill, Seattle University and Pike-Pine They say it’s 1200 square… Read More

MLS Watch – A few lofts around town

Bagley Lofts 4422 Bagley Ave N #311 – Million dollar penthouse with killer views. Does anyone know what it sold for originally? This building was completed just last year. The Crawford 1607 Summit Ave #201 – $520k for a 1100 square foot one bedroom. I believe this building recently had water damage and they did… Read More

Lock in on pre-sale advice?

Lisa recently asked about mortgage locks and pre-sales in the forums: I have bought a pre sale at Gallery. Their perfered mortgage company- Homestone, tells me that I do not want to lock in with a completion date so far out (projected July 2008) They allow 1 float down with in 60 days of closing…. Read More

Trace signed

I signed my Trace paperwork today (all 100 pages.) Sounds like the elevator has passed inspection, the fire marshal has been out and is happy, and the building inspector just needs to come back one more time for the overall inspection. Assuming all goes well I’m closing and getting my keys on Monday and then… Read More

Do condo owners want community?

I was reading Andy Sack’s blog today and came across this post about how your startup needs to beBe something to someone and he mentioned an idea for condo owners: Ultimately, as we talked I told him to either focus on letting condo owners in a condo complex to share tools (kind of an interesting… Read More

Housing fees don’t damp building boom

Seattle Times, Housing fees don’t damp building boom: Those regulations, which took effect in spring 2006, allow residential developers to build to 400 feet, or about 40 floors, in parts of downtown’s Denny Triangle, an area now dominated by parking lots and low-rise buildings. Elsewhere downtown, residential developers are allowed to build to 45 stories… Read More

Changes to height zoning laws?

Seattle Times, Seattle buildings going tall for the middle class: Mayor Greg Nickels is considering a proposal to raise height limits on residential buildings in the Interbay, South Lake Union and South Downtown neighborhoods — on the condition that developers create some units for people who make too much money to qualify for government-subsidized housing,… Read More

Question from a reader about conversions

By guest contributor Anonymous I live an a condo building that was recently converted from apartments. We have not paid HOA dues yet, the developer is still managing the building. Recently the sales office closed. The developer has secured a tenant who now occupies the former sales office. Currently, the receptionist for the sales team… Read More

Seattle Condo Tour Sept 22 and 23

There is a free Seattle Condo Tour September 22nd and 23rd from 11 to 6pm. Thanks to Jeanne for emailing me about this (I’m a little surprised I hadn’t heard of this, I feel like I’m more dialed into Seattle condos than your average consumer). The following buildings are on the tour: 1 Hotel 5th… Read More

Condo Conversion-alooza Displaces Seattlest

Seattlest had a post last week on the difficulties of renting downtown amid raising rents and increasing conversion, Condo Conversion-alooza Displaces Seattlest … Sort Of: But we hadn’t planned well, we weren’t smart. We hadn’t played by the aforementioned rules. There are no “less-expensive” 1BR apartments in Seattle. None with the space and legal allowances… Read More

1521 – No ACT tickets for you!

This morning I woke up to a nice offer of free tickets to the ACT play Mojo on and the Sayso courtesy of new condo development 1521: But then had my hopes dashed this afternoon: Thanks 1521.