MLS Watch – 2 weeks of new construction updates




Added 3 more units to the MLS for a total of 4. Their HOAs feel really low at $0.26/square foot.




Decatur recently dropped prices on a number of units between $3k and $10k. Though oddly raised the price of #1306 $3k to $302,950 and #1007 $5k to $465,960


Added 12 more units to the MLS for a total of 22 (though they likely have much more inventory.)


There was one re-sale at Lumen and then the builder put 4 units on the MLS. Fortunately for the person with the re-sale the builder has only included two lame photos on their listing. Oddly Craigslist has 2 units not on the MLS.


After bumping prices they dropped prices on three units by $5k. The Press is the king of MLS churn.


As re-sales have their prices chopped every week Trace is raising the prices on #208 $5k to $325k and #308 $5k to $335k. And now that the building is done they should really replace the generic photos with photos of the actual unit.

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