The Stranger on conversions and Liz Dunn

Last week’s Stranger had three articles relating to condos but I missed posting them during my move…

Condo Crushed:

Last July, Breene and Carroll’s eight-unit building was indeed sold to a developer—Tony Mai—whom, they say, began work on their building, converting it to condos, weeks before residents were officially notified.

Genius Awards: Liz Dunn on the Political Genius shortlist:

Liz Dunn, 43, is our kind of developer. She’s not afraid to throw steel and glass and towers into the midst of the worn brick buildings on Capitol Hill. Dunn is pro-development and pro-density in neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill, and so are we. But rather than gutting existing urban shops and stores and shoehorning in awkward condo developments, Dunn’s kind of development—like the Agnes Lofts at 12th Avenue and Pike Street or the 1310 East Union lofts—fits in and brings more life to the street

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