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Working the kinks out

I guess one of the joys of new construction is living there while the kinks get worked out. On Sunday at 3:10 AM our fire alarm turned on and then stayed on for about an hour: As I am sure you are all aware (nice wake up call!), there was a False Fire Alarm in… Read More

Discounts and incentives alive and well in Seattle

Seattle Times has an article on Developers dangle discounts, toys to lure home buyers. Keep in mind this same thing happened last fall. I suspect many developers have their fiscal year lined up with the calendar year and want to move units in order to close their books on a high note. Of course there’s… Read More

Ugly Seattle condos and design reviews

The Stranger has a Stranger-esque article on ugly condos, It’s Ugly, Stupid: Seattle’s neighborhoods are trying to stop townhome and condo developments. But it’s not because of NIMBYism. They’re not fighting density, nor are they even opposed to the chaos and noise brought on by massive construction projects. No, Seattle’s neighborhoods want to put a… Read More

Update on 1 Hotel Seattle – Already raising prices?

What is going on with 1 Hotel and Residences these days? For one (no pun intended) I noticed they added 9 units to the MLS so we can all rubber neck: Redfin search. The cheapest unit is #1213. $559,000 for 692 square feet or $802/sq. ft. The most expensive is #2202 at close to $12… Read More

Subscribe by email

Tired of checking the site every day to only find I haven’t posted? You can now subscribe by email using the form on the right and get an email once a day when I do post. But keep in mind that its the comments that make this blog special not my posts. Also, I switched… Read More

When can I get more info on the Alex?

Much has been blogged about the Alex in Belltown by the real estate bloggers who likely get briefed on these projects: Wendy on Alex Condos Update Ben on Alex Condominium – Belltown 600 to 1200 square feet for $500,000 to $2 million. Concrete and steel. Sounds like my kind of project. Intrigued I visited the… Read More

Are we challenging the rules of urban development?

Clifford over at the Cosmo blog has posted his abstract for a recent talk he gave, The Urban Blogosphere: Gaming the Sacred Text in the New Media-Middle: …there is an emerging urban blogosphere that is increasingly challenging the rules of urban development. In the urban core of Seattle the demand for condominiums is such that… Read More

Stewart and Minor preview events

Stewart and Minor is hosting preview events November 13th if you’re a broker and November 14th-17th if you’re actually going to buy a unit. Instead of the usual cocktails navel gazing they’re holding a series of smaller events. In fact they might even want to hear what we have to say: Please join us for… Read More

Car elevators

The latest issue of Wired had an article on New York urban living, Drivin’ On Up: En-Suite Garages Make for Deluxe Apartments in the Sky: Behold the En-Suite Sky Garage — an 8,000-pound-capacity freight elevator that whisks your Bentley directly into your pad. Of course, vertical parking is an old idea: At the Starrett-Lehigh Building,… Read More

Trace North price sheet

They’re holding back floors 4 and 6… Feel free to send over any price sheets you might pick up; it drives me crazy that most places don’t put this info online or only have representative units on the MLS.

Will condo wave swamp market?

This past Sunday the Seattle PI had an article on the condo market, Will condo wave swamp the market? Interesting quote: Half of the approximately 1,600 condos Gardner expected to hit the market in 2010 still are looking for financing. Scaling back projects actually would lower the risk of overbuilding and help prevent Seattle from… Read More

Williams Marketing is cutting prices; further proof

Remember how Leslie Williams was quoted about not having any of her projects price reduced? And without even really thinking about it I found a counter example? Well today Williams Marketing priced reduced Mosler Lofts unit #TH2 $20,000 to $655,000. Seattle reporters, please do your homework. You’re paid to report; this is my hobby. Update:… Read More

Delays at 5th and Madison and Domaine

A reader writes in with reports on delays at 5th and Madison: Move-in delays at 5th & Mad. What a surprise! But, Williams Marketing is now saying, “We will give you, the buyers, daily updates via emails.” (emphasis added). Let’s see if they live up to that promise. But I bet your site has something… Read More

How good is LEED for Seattle condos?

From Fast Company, The Green Standard? LEED buildings get lots of buzz, but the point is getting lost (via Katrina): But critics say that the LEED standard falls short of what’s possible in terms of saving energy. While a 25% to 30% improvement in energy use over conventional buildings sounds impressive, it pales compared with,… Read More

Trace developer acquires Oddfellows Hall?

From the Slog, Thou Shalt Not Freak Out (Yet): Yes, yes, the Oddfellows Hall—home of the Century Ballroom, Velocity Dance Center, Freehold, two well-loved fringe theaters, and bunches of arts organizations and non-profits—has been sold. Or is about to be sold. Or something. Neither the current nor the future owners have returned our calls, but… Read More

‘Fuck you condo’

I was getting my hair cut on Capitol Hill this afternoon when I noticed this anti-condo vandalism: I wonder where they want the condos to go?

Seattle PI on seller incentives

The Seattle PI has an article today about the lengths sellers are going to, Home sellers trying it all to hook choosy buyers: Jennifer Nilssen wants to sell her Ballard condominium — fast. She set her asking price about $20,000 below that of comparable condos in her building. She’s offering to finance 10 percent of… Read More

Condo fever

This is pretty funny. It’s an old Heathcliff cartoon called Condo Fever (via Ashley)

Mosler Lofts – Delays but some openness

I just checked in on the Mosler blog to find out what’s going on there and I’m sorry to read that there are delays at Mosler, Ribbon Cutting for new Closing Dates! Though I think it’s odd to have a party one day and then announce the delays the next. OK, its a funny post… Read More

Leona construction update

Someone updated me on Leona: There has been a pretty big construction delay and at this point it looks like the building will not be complete until somewhere between February and April (which is also a big window). Given that we are going in to wet season, I don’t have high hopes of it not… Read More