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Is Seattle too easy on condo developers?

The PI had a front page article today on, Is Seattle too easy on developers?

What’s a typical building delay?

A reader asks: I was just wondering if you have any statistics, or just general knowledge about building delays. I bought a unit at Veer, and am trying to figure out when I want to get a rate lock for my mortgage. The rate lock offered expires after 12 months, and Veer is slated for… Read More

Odds and ends

Looks like a few of you can’t be trusted to comment while I’m away. Until I’m really fully engaged again here are some odds and ends: 2 story loft in the Bell building. 1,272 square feet for $735,000. Aubrey has the dates for some upcoming design reviews Hillku is upset Brix stole their sidewalk Slog… Read More

Seattle condos compared to other cities

Sometimes you folks leave great comments and I worry that not everyone knows about them. Here’s one such comment that I thought deserved a post of its own. Commentary By Downtown Guy The line of business I am in dictates I travel the country reviewing the latest and greatest in downtown condominium developments. I agree… Read More

5th and Madison Opening

At lunch on Friday I snuck away to attend the 5th and Madison green space opening. (Williams Marketing PR was kind enough to email me a good photo of the ribbon cutting.) There was about 40-50 people there for the ribbon cutting ceremony which was hosted by Bryon Ziegler of Williams Market. Surprisingly Leslie Williams… Read More

Significant projects

A developer friend of my Dad’s is visiting Seattle and is looking for some projects to tour: My interests would be adaptive reuse or new residential projects, “workforce” type housing, small tight but trendy units. I would appreciate if you could recommend a few projects for me. What would folks recommend? It’d be nice to… Read More

Million dollar re-model at Monique Lofts

Have a $1 million to spend on a gorgeous Capitol Hill Monique Loft? This isn’t any old Monique Loft with flexing plywood floors and a mini kitchen. This unit was purchased on 05/24/2006 for $501,500 and the owner has apparently put $300,000 worth of renovations into it. The marketing description lists many of the new… Read More

Shame on $1 price reductions

1700 Bellevue Ave #302 was price reduced one dollar to $349,949 today. Shame on you George F. Lamson the IIIrd from John L Scott and shame on me for giving your listing more attention then it deserves. Personally I’d add more photos to the listing before doing trivial price reductions but what do I know.

Stewart + Minor preview

Yesterday day my friend Ming (who is looking for a 700+ sf space under $400k) and I went to the Stewart and Minor preview. The preview was at the Realogics offices and was hosted by none other than the Dean himself. Eventually seven people showed up. Most of the night was spent walking through their… Read More

Parc North Tower closing dates?

In the forums Phoebe asks: They told me December (actually it started off as September, then it was October, then November and now I have been told December but haven’t been given a date). Has anyone in the North tower gotten a closing date? I’m wondering if they’re still running way behind and closing could… Read More

Condo marketers define our neighborhoods

It must be a slow news week if this is front page news for the PI, Naming sections of Seattle … again? Ian Cohen’s advertising agency recently moved to Fifth Avenue — the heart of what condo marketers and breathless real estate blogs call “Midtown” Seattle. Micro-neighborhood names have proliferated as residents colonize new parts… Read More

Get ready for Mosler flips

With Mosler occupancy expected for the 16th we can expect to see a number of investors flip their units. First up is unit #407. 668 square feet for $350,000. It includes a killer view: I guess that’s what a lot of Cosmo owners are going to be looking forward to. Though the astute Mosler watcher… Read More

You weren’t featured in the Seattle Times

There’s a number of condo projects that email me every week about how they were featured in the Seattle Times when in fact all they did was buy advertising in the Seattle Times. This week The Parc is guilty of this:

Why hasn’t anyone bought this yet?

Why hasn’t anyone bought 1515 Fairview Ave E yet? For $125,000 you get a 400 square foot apartment PLUS a boathouse: Showing by appt. only. Think of the possibility in this boathouse built by Boeing for experimental jetfoil watercraft. Heavily engineered in the Boeing tradition with 6×6 and 4×10 timber framing and pontoons of the… Read More

Firehouse condo coming up soon

I hear 1406 Harvard Ave #170, aka the Firehouse, will be listed soon.

Urbnlivn on Facebook

Interested in connecting with Urbnlivn fans? I created a Urbnlivn Facebook page. I don’t really have a plan for how we’re going to use it but figured I’d see how many of you are on Facebook :).

Cosmo blog, an open letter to the mayor

The Cosmo Blog has posted a letter to the mayor about the development going up next door: Dear Mayor Nickels- We the community of Cosmopolitan Condominium owners and residents are writing to inform you of a problem with our community. All of us are supportive of Seattle urban growth, otherwise we would not have chosen… Read More

5th and Madison park opening Friday the 16th

5th and Madison is hosting a grand opening for their half acre park on Friday November 16th from 12:30 – 2. I snapped a photo of it the other day as I walked to work. I really like how the mosaic wall came out and its great to see more nice green space downtown.

Unlikely: PacMed to go condo

From the PSBJ, Amazon building up for lease in 2010: The 16-story Art Deco building, which has sweeping views of the city and Elliott Bay, also has been seen by some as a potential candidate for conversion into condominiums. But any condominium buyers would own their units subject to the terms of the ground lease…. Read More

Sunday Seattle Times – Surprisingly few ads

I hadn’t picked up a Sunday Seattle Times in a while and picked one up this weekend. I was surprised to see how few ads there were for downtown condos. There were really on four. Surprisingly big player, Williams Marketing, had no ads. But I have noticed a Google ad or two for Brix and… Read More