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I thought my condo lust would abate once I settled in to my latest and greatest place but I just can’t stop looking at other condos. After receiving two emails about Park Modern it’s high time I pointed it out to all you other lovers of modern design in a boutique setting (too bad it’s not closer to the urban center, if you’re looking for something that is check out 1605 E Pike St #201.)


The first email came from an excited resident:

We just bought in a little known condo called Park Modern – It’s a very modern, quality constructed small condo project in the Ravenna neighborhood. I’ve been pretty pleased with our purchase so far – 1 br 1.5 ba 800 sq ft and 5 sq ft deck. I must say our unit was my favorite in the building due to the
deck size and wall of windows, however, there are still some really nice units in the building. The builder and the architect all live in the building which I think is a good sign. Their offices are also in the building which has been very convenient to get questions answered around new construction knick knacks. I think it is about 50% sold, but there
are some good photos and floor plans on the site. I like the place so much that I’m promoting it…go figure. Keep up the good work with the site!

The second email came from Andrew, the architect, who sent me links to two other commercial residents Ten Pachi, a modern salon, and Herkimer Coffee. He also pointed out that a number of units are still for sale (if only it was on Capitol Hill!):

#200b – $465,000 – 1/1.5 – 1,000 sf
#400c – $399,000 – 1/1 – 750 sf
#200c – $465,000 – 1/1.5 – 1,005 sf
#300b – $475,000 – 1/1.5 – 1,005 sf
#100D – $515,000 – 1/2 – 1,017 sf

Andrew also happens to have a great blog at making him my new favorite architect.

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