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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Urbnlivn Readers! Thanks for a good year of comments, tips and meet-ups. Does anyone have any Christmas condo stories? Buildings that wouldn’t allow trees or neighbors that revolted against your blinking lights?

It’s official, Amazon to SLU and a loft

Friday afternoon before the Christmas holiday weekend seems like a bad time to issue a press release but I am not in PR so what do I know. From their press release:’s new headquarters will include up to 11 new buildings on six blocks in the heart of South Lake Union, located along Terry… Read More

A visit to Mosler Lofts

The other day a few of us from work hopped on the bus and headed down to our co-workers new loft at Mosler Lofts. The interesting story about this loft isn’t the unit itself but rather Adam’s pre-sale experience. Adam purchased the loft twenty months ago with the intent of moving in. However, since signing… Read More

The stories of 3 displaced renters in Ballard

Peggy has a touching blog post about the stories of 3 displaced renters in Ballard, Going, going…gone.: Look at their faces. The three women featured are hard-working, intelligent, articulate, passionate – highly engaged in the community. Unfortunately they won’t be able to be as engaged in our community because they cannot afford to stay in… Read More is available

“Matt Goyer is LAME” left this delightful comment on my Festive Evening on 12th post. Your website should be Isn’t this the industry that supports your livelihood? Get over yourself. Enjoy eating your own dogfood and shut up. Normally I’d delete the comment but it turns out someone from a Williams Marketing IP address… Read More

Amazon headed to SLU

Seattle Times, Compromise reached on South Lake Union plan: A majority of the council voted Wednesday to allow taller buildings on two blocks to accommodate Amazon’s expected move. In return, Vulcan will pay roughly $6.3 million to build affordable housing in South Lake Union. Bonus link: Biodiesel station to open in South Lake Union

Civic square and condos?

Seattle Times, Seattle envisions new Civic Square: In the latest design proposal, a curved tower of 22 stories of office space would rise on the Cherry Street side of the block and narrow into 17 stories of 155 condos. Lower stories would be used for retail. The block they’re talking about is at 3rd and… Read More

A festive evening on 12th

Yesterday evening was the Festive Evening on 12th [pdf] (fine print that’s 12th between Madison and Pike.) It started off we me getting home and having to ask the black tie, black dress carolers outside our door to move so I could get my bike in. After changing so I’d fit in with all the… Read More

Monday Odds and Ends

Thanks to the three folks who wrote in this weekend. Here’s a collection of what they sent out plus a few extra links. Mose calculates the average days on Redfin for Seattle condos is 92 days. Our spy at Mosler snuck into the penthouse and took some photos. Here’s what they thought: I’m not sure… Read More

MLS Watch: Price cuts at Bellagio, 2 million in Madison

I stay up every night waiting for my Redfin Listing Alert email to find out what’s going on in condo land. Sad to say that there hasn’t been much to blog about lately. However, Bellagio did me a favor with some price cuts. The 1611 Looking for an upscale condo in Madison Park? Check out… Read More

Seattle PI on Cosmo struggle

Aubrey at the Seattle PI has an article on the well discussed tower spacing issue at Cosmo, Condo owners struggle for views as Seattle rises. The article mentions two folks who have actually left the building because of this. One sold, the other is renting their place out. The article also has a sound bite… Read More