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Condo not selling? Try mannequins

In Fremont they’ll do anything to sell a townhouse (via Red Forums, Creepy or Clever): Bonus Link: Big hotel planned on site of Greyhound bus station. Sucks to live on the west side of Capitol Hill and lose your view to a 51 story, 1200 unit building. But don’t worry, you have six years to… Read More

Negotiating room on $1 million Belltown condos?

A reader on the Redfin Forums asks about negotiating room on expensive downtown condos: I’m looking at several new construction condos in belltown ranging from 800K to 1.1 million. I think these price points are a bit overinflated. It goes without saying that I would never agree to buy any condo unless I get a… Read More

MLS Watch: I’m bored

I used to just watch new listings and price reductions on new construction, Capitol Hill condos and Seattle lofts but there hasn’t been anything good for weeks even with our so called inflated inventory levels. I’ve since expanded to the whole city and still nothing interesting. However, this loft did pop up today – 80… Read More

Open House: WonderBread vs. Slender Skyscrappers

Those of you interested in the WonderBread vs Slender Skyscrapper debate in South Lake Union or SLUFans will be interested in this event that Carl forwarded to me: OPEN HOUSE: Urban Form Alternatives Tuesday, February 12, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. presentation South Lake Union Armory (Naval Reserve Building at Lake Union Park) 860… Read More

Odds and ends

Home Forum Extra, Long-distance condo landlords cause concern. Department of Planning and Development, Early Design Review for 504 Terry scheduled for February 6. Its a 350 unit apartment building. Christopher Braxtan looks at condo sales in Belltown: 30 condominium homes sold in Belltown in December, compared to only 11 selling in November. That’s an increase… Read More

SLU “Urban Form” Charrette Held to Evaluate Upzoning Proposals

By Guest Contributor Carl Goodman On Jan. 18 and 19, 2008, the South Lake Union Friends and Neighbors Community Council (SLUFAN), held a design charrette — an intense collaborative session among various civic, corporate and community stakeholders — to craft proposals to accommodate at least 16,000 additional employees and 8,000 additional households in the SLU… Read More

Weird Trace Lofts pricing

Two units, identical floor plans, one on top of the other. Oddly the higher unit featuring much higher ceilings is $50,000 less than the one below. Though the unit below has a larger balcony. #404 – $350,000 – $555/sq ft #504 – $300,000 – $475/sq ft Is Trace fishing for the floor on $/sq ft… Read More

Intracorp now trying to dump Domaine

From the this-will-teach-me-to-read-the- news-at-night-instead-of-the-morning-department: Just a week after dumping Expo 62 (Seattle PI article on it for a different spin) The DJC reports that Intracorp is now trying to dump the 91 unit and ill situated Domaine. From the broker’s site: Moran & Company is pleased to announce that it has been retained as the… Read More

Editor wanted

I love fan mail: when are you going to get a damn editor for that website?!?!?! your grammar/spelling/punctuation is abysmal. get help.

Expo 62 and its 114 condo units CANCELLED

James bought at Expo 62 and has had his reservation canceled as the building has been sold to someone who will convert to apartments. He blames the ‘Daddy-0’ marketing: I’m one of the 17 buyers whose purchase and sale agreement is no longer reserving a unit purchased for Expo 62. They only sold 17 of… Read More

SLU gets another campus

Seattle PI, Yale Campus will be one of biggest South Lake Union developments: A Seattle property developer will remake two blocks in the South Lake Union neighborhood into an office, biotech and retail campus with four new office buildings and thousands of square feet of retail space. At a total of 776,000 square feet and… Read More

Trace North now three months delayed

When folks signed purchase and sale for Trace North their closing was January 15th and as late as early November this was still believed to be the anticipated close date but throughout the holidays that date has moved all the way back to April 18th. HOA dues have also increased to $234.63/month.

My first design review board experience

Curious about design reviews I decide to go to the 1210 11th Ave Early Design Guidance meeting tonight. I picked this project because it is very likely going to impact my view of downtown and if I’m going to have to listen to it buying built and stare it, it better be nice! As I… Read More

NYT on Amazon move to SLU

Today the New York Times has an article on Amazon’s move to South Lake Union, Amazon Consolidates in Growing Area of Seattle: If Amazon exercises all of its options, it may spend as much as $1.5 billion under a 16-year agreement to lease 11 buildings in South Lake Union, a lakefront neighborhood a little more… Read More

MLS Watch: 2 lofts, price reductions, crazy carpet

19th Ave Lofts #203 is available for $390,000. But I think the kitchen needs updating (if I were to update it I’d push it back under the sleeping loft to open up more of the living room): #311 also just came on the market for $475,000 for 983 square feet and two parking spots. Compare… Read More

Only top 12 floors of Smith Tower to go condo

It’s probably no surprise that as prices are down YOY that Walton Street, the group behind the Smith Tower, has scaled back their plans of 150 units to 12 units and is now only condo-fying the top 12 floors. At one unit per floor these units will be 2000 square feet each. Of course no… Read More

Developer survey as 103 units come to Pine and Bellevue

Last year I totally expected the Marion Apartments at the corner of Pine and Bellevue to go condo conversion as they were sprucing up the exterior. However, it looks like they are now planning on demolishing the building and putting in 103 residential units. I think anything they put on the site will be an… Read More

Leaking acid; I signed what?

I was wondering why my neighbor stopped parking next to me about three weeks ago. I figured it had to do with my switch from a compact four door car to a hulking SUV. Turns out it really has to do with leaking acid: Dear Matt, We have recently been made informed of a potential… Read More