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Seattle Condo Tour is back

By February 22, 2008

The Seattle Condo tour is back and featuring condos I’ve never heard of such as Burien Town Square and Sylvan Ridge. I like this quote:

Both weekends are your chance to see and experience the newest condo opportunities available.

Really? At least Lumen and Trio have been around since I first started shopping for condos back in February of 2006!

Let’s hope that in the next two months they can add some more big brand name condos to the lists below otherwise it’s going to be a depressing tour.

DOWNTOWN – April 5th & 6th
25 on the Park
Burien Town Square
Sylvan Ridge
The Marlborough
Veer Lofts

EASTSIDE – April 12th and 13th
The Approach
Arrington Place
Bellevue Towers
Horizon Village at Somerset
Maritime at Crossroads
One Main Street
Woodsong at Coal Creek