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Who’s Your Architect?

Quick, name the architect of your building. Do you know who the architect is? Would your friends know who your architect is even if you did? Two weekends ago, yes I’m that far behind on dead tree reading, the New York Times had an article titled, Nice Tower! Who’s Your Architect? Be sure to also… Read More

A Visit to The Klee

Two weekends ago my friend dragged me along to go see The Klee a hybrid conversion / new construction project from early 2000 in Belltown on Western Ave. The unit he was interested in, 2717 Western Ave #112, did not disappoint. 1000 square feet, concrete floors, high ceilings, open layout; my kind of space. However,… Read More

Conversions: McKean in QA or Aprea View on Cap Hill?

Found out about two new conversions today. McKean in Queen Anne 8 homes all 762 square feet in a 1929 brick building at 1404 Olympic Way West. Starting at $334,950. Oddly they don’t have any photos of the exterior but I think it is this building: Interested? There’s an event Thursday, April 3rd, from 6… Read More

Updated Modern ’50s Capitol Hill Home

Clicking through on one of the commentators names I ended up on his Windermere site where I discovered this gorgeous modern ’50s Capitol Hill home at 1928 10th Ave E. It blends both the old and new rather nicely. Oddly the MLS photo is not very striking: However, the photo on Windermere’s site is: Here’s… Read More

Noise From Commercial Spaces and Construction

Larry Cragun at the Seattle PI Real Estate Professional blog asks What About Your Bundle Of Rights And Noise? Oh, so you bought a condo in a mixed use project? You were the first one to buy. You asked the sales agent what was going in the shops on the main floor and received a… Read More

Seattle PI Profile on SLU Manager, Ada Healey

The Seattle PI had an article on, Ada Healey, the one responsible for Paul Allen’s real estate dealings in SLU, two weeks ago (shows how often I read the paper!), Meet the quiet force behind Paul Allen’s remaking of South Lake Union: Not a city planner or urban designer, Healey earned a bachelor’s degree in… Read More

Meritage Annual Meeting and Common HOA Issues

Tonight I went to The Meritage’s annual meeting. It’s been the first home owners meeting that I’ve attended. Of the 48 owners fifteen or so showed up and another ten or so assigned proxies so we had quorum. Since most of the issues discussed are likely issues faced by many new HOAs and home owners… Read More

Is Living Close to I-5 Bad For Your Health?

A friend and co-worker is looking to relocate back to Capitol Hill. In his quest for Capitol Hill housing he has talked to a number of friends and agents and had not one, but two people recommend that he not live within a half mile of I-5 because of degraded air quality (a half mile… Read More

My Visit to the Parc – Still Only 75% Sold

On Saturday I swung by The Parc with Ming and Chelsea. Of 185 units they have 138 sold. Some of which are being flipped. Funny enough the sales center is moving from their third floor 2 bedroom unit to a live/work loft at street that they are going to rent from someone who was trying… Read More

Have a Studio and a Tall Ceiling?

The Sellius blog tipped me off to an interesting solution for those living in smaller spaces with tall ceilings. Here’s a picture of the Bedup. Basically a bed you lower from the ceiling. Starting at 2800 Euros. Bonus link: Downtown Bellevue condos beckon to younger crowd

Montage Condo on Capitol Hill

A reader emailed me recently wondering if I had heard of Montage condos on Capitol Hill. I hadn’t so I swung by Bolyston and Union one morning and snapped some photos: Here’s what the reader had to say: I was just curious if they’d started listing or selling at all, or if they’d promoted themselves… Read More

A visit to Seattle condo PR firm, the Fearey Group

For lunch on Wednesday I stopped by the Fearey Group, a PR firm that handles accounts like Vulcan, Murray Franklyn and Live Historic and in the past handled accounts like Cristalla. I was invited to talk about Urbnlivn and how I would like to interact with them. Here’s a summary of what I presented… Minus… Read More

Pontedera Condos & Lofts

Since I normally blog about non-affordable condos I thought it would be appropriate to mix it up with a post to let you know that Pontedera Condos and Lofts is having a ground breaking tomorrow at noon at Hiawatha Place South and South Dearborn Street. This Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Senator Patty Murray and Seattle Mayor… Read More

Eleven Eleven condo interior renderings

One last quick update on Eleven Eleven East Pike. Here are two interior renderings which show off the unique sliding puzzle wall.

Details on Eleven Eleven

Tonight I skipped out of work early (sorry team) and went to check out 1111 East Pike at Boom Noodle. I was disappointed that neither the developer or architect was there but the sales/marketing firm, ek Realty, was of course, well (perhaps, over (just kidding, I love catching up with all of you :) ))… Read More

Odds and ends

Here’s another odds and ends post as I get caught up with everything only soon to be behind as I head to Tahoe next weekend for more skiing. … Hillku raises the alarm over another view killer and The Slog also raises concerns about the 440′ tower, The Trophy Building. In particular they point out:… Read More

Eleven Eleven East Pike / 1111 East Pike

I’m in the back seat of my friend’s car as we return to Seattle from a heli-skiing vacation at Panorama, BC. I’m checking email and I am pleasantly surprised to find an invite to a primarily real estate agent event Thursday night to find out more about 1111 East Pike. Good work Parsons PR for… Read More

Odds and ends: Wysong conversions, water at Mosler, 120 Pike St blocking views

As the dead hard readers noticed a missed a number of days blogging recently. It likely had something to do with work. Speaking of which, I recently added a module that shows the latest Seattle condos over on the right. Interesting? Not interesting? What improvements would you make? (I’d like to see the thumbnail but… Read More

Downtown Lofts: Buy or Rent

Are both these lofts in the same building? Our Home Hotel 75 S Main St #301. 1 bed, 2 bath, 1,133 square feet. Only $639,000. (Is it really called the Our Home Hotel?) I love the private deck. 1st and Main There’s a 3,000 square foot live/work loft on Craigslist now. It’s at 1st and… Read More

Trace Lofts Still Doesn’t Have a Homeowners Assocation

I’ve been living at Trace Lofts for six months now and we still don’t have a home owners association. This has annoyed me but I work 60+ hours a week so its not like I have a lot of free time to read our 200 page public offering package to figure out what needs to… Read More