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The Town Home Plague

The Seattle Times had a front page article on town homes today, Town homes spark neighborhood debate. It’s been a long day so go ahead and bitch. I’m going to bed.

Hard Hat Tour of Olive 8

Thanks to Megan for the invite to join the broker hard hat tour of Olive 8 today! We checked out the floor with the game room and patio area (only 4 BBQs), a walk through of the 26th floor, and then walked down from the 3rd floor and saw the pool, spa, lobby and restaurant…. Read More

Evening Magazine on High End Condos

Seattle Bubble tipped me off to this fluff Evening Magazine piece on condo perks. From a 5000 square foot unit at 2200 where the parents and authors of Trading Places love the house cleaning to a couple at Hotel 1000 who love the room service from Boka and have some choice quotes like “our kitchen… Read More

Trace Loft Owners Take Control of HOA

Last Trace post for awhile, I promise. Tonight we had the hand off meeting of the HOA from Ted, the developer, and his cronies to the home owners of Trace Lofts. The process, while somewhat agonizingly slow as everyone asked questions, was smooth. We waived the audit, expanded the board to five members and elected… Read More

More Trace Updates

Trace North is at 35% sold: Thirty-five spaces already sold, with new spaces releasing soon. Line up now and move-in mid-May. And RAFN, Trace contractor, wins an award for Trace Lofts, Bellevue firms win restoration awards. I’m sure a few residents are chuckling about: Particular attention was paid to reduce noise by installing state-of-the-art, built-up… Read More

Trace North to get a Pizza Fusion

Nice, we’re getting a Pizza Fusion in Trace North. This could be trouble :). Great for a quick bite or casual dining, Pizza Fusion is an organic, eco-friendly restaurant serving gourmet pizzas (of course), salads, ciabatta sandwiches, beer, wine and more. They have an extensive list of environmentally friendly practices (details at, and many… Read More

Seattle Condo Pipeline Drying Up?

Puget Sound Business Journal reports, Seattle’s condo pipeline expected to dry up: The pace of development has slowed so sharply that local experts predict a shortage in 2010 that could drive prices up. One consultant forecasts delivery of just 189 new units that year — down from an average of 1,100 anticipated in each of… Read More

Reserve Studies to Be Required

This weekend the Seattle Times reports that New state law requires condo associations to report money set aside for long-term maintenance: Calling it the “biggest thing to happen since the Condominium Act of 1990 was passed,” longtime condo attorney Kris Sundberg says the new provisions will address “the dirty little secret of the condo world:… Read More

Escala Prices to Increase June 5!!!

Hurry and buy soon at Escala because the Seattle Times reports, Seattle luxury-condo complex Escala will raise prices: Developer Lexas Cos. said this week that on June 5 it will raise the asking prices 3 to 7 percent for about 70 unsold units that have been on the market since last spring. What’s the market… Read More

The Model Residents of Model Apartments

Vladimir recently sent me a link to a New York Magazine article on the marketing of condos in New York, If You Lived Here, You’d Be This Guy by Now. Meet “Stefan”: The article goes on to talk about the extents marketing is going to in order to sell to a particular person and lifestyle…. Read More

Seattle Condo Blog Wars Heat Up

Ben’s got plenty of fighting words in his post, If You Can Beat’em, Play Dirty: The condo blog has risen to become one of the top condo websites in Seattle – it’s #1 in Google’s organic search results for a myriad of condo related keywords and receives the most visitor traffic (per Compete, Alexa and… Read More

Wasabi Bistro to Open In Equinox?

I heard a rumor that the Wasabi Bistro folks will be one of the commercial tenants at Equinox. That’d certainly be a win for the Eastlake neighborhood. Update: This is confirmed by the Equinox community sales manager who says, “Yes that appears to be true.”

A Visit to Montage

Two weeks ago I did a walk through of the Montage on Capitol Hill with James Tjoa broker for the project. A few notes: There is a 450 square foot commercial space that they’ll sell or lease Parking is included 5 stories, 23 units The builder does about one building a year. On Capitol Hill… Read More

Tour of the Marlborough

This afternoon I toured the Marlborough with Kate Miller, from the Fearey Group, and Ben Rankin, principal at Pioneer Property Group. Here are my notes: Lobby has original marble and limestone flooring They’ve updated the wiring and plumbing The units are heated with radiators using Seattle Steam. I asked about whether they’d be noisy and… Read More

Party at The Marlborough

The Marlborough, a Live Historic conversion on First Hill at 1220 Boren, is having a party this Wednesday at 5:30 PM. Studios plus 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms from $225,000 to $1,650,000. 516 to 2,184 square feet.

OMG They Took Down the Crane!

I love ridiculous press releases like this one from the Four Seasons, Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Seattle Reaches Tower Crane Removal Milestone: “The tower crane’s removal is a significant milestone,” said John Oppenheimer, managing partner of The Seattle Hotel Group. They even go on to explain how they remove the crane: To disassemble… Read More

Does Your Condo Building Have a Lien?

Larry Cragun has a Warning For [New Construction] Condominium Buyers: A common practice is for condo developers to obtain a construction loan to build the project. Some then hire a contractor to deal with the construction and the subs. The contractor is dependent on the solvency of the developer to be paid. The arrangement is… Read More

A Few More Lofts…

A few more listings caught my eye tonight… The Braeburn A nicely photographed two story unit at The Braeburn, 1410 E Pine #W404, is 821 square feet and $465,000. I think I like it. Firehouse Unit #7 is back at 1406 Harvard, aka The Firehouse. It was originally listed at $425,000 and is now at… Read More

Two Level Lofts

I’ve been skiing in Whistler which explains the lack of posts here. I’ll blog more tonight, in the meantime here is a 1913 two level loft in Pioneer Square that came on the market at $589,000: I think the no parking might be a deal breaker for many. But if you’re more a Capitol Hill… Read More

Designers, Carpenters and Electricians for Condos?

A reader named Jeff needs some help! Do you know any landscape designer/architects who can design a cool layout of plants and furniture for our condo deck? We’ve contacted a handful in the Seattle area and haven’t found anyone who will work in a condo…houses only. I’m also on the hunt for some help. I… Read More