Hard Hat Tour of Olive 8

Thanks to Megan for the invite to join the broker hard hat tour of Olive 8 today!

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We checked out the floor with the game room and patio area (only 4 BBQs), a walk through of the 26th floor, and then walked down from the 3rd floor and saw the pool, spa, lobby and restaurant.

Here’s the pool featuring an underground sound system.

287856579 4uPEW S Hard Hat Tour of Olive 8
Photo credit: Megan

The views from the 26th floor are definitely spectacular. One of the people on the tour was Erica, whose listings I recently mocked, and she’s bought an x09 unit and was absolutely thrilled with how the view turned out.

287852121 dARZy S Hard Hat Tour of Olive 8

She was worried about the office just 18 feet away but her unit was spared with x08 taking the brunt of it.

287852315 xWuNU S Hard Hat Tour of Olive 8

The hotel opens December 15th with the condos closing January 2009 to June 2009.

As it turns out I know a shocking number of people who bought at Olive 8. Only one of them is not an agent. Probably half these purchases are doing it as an investment.

Other interesting tidbit. The crane they use is $130,000/month to rent and taking it apart the most dangerous part of building a high rise condo these days.

287856564 9UxYy S Hard Hat Tour of Olive 8
Photo credit: Megan

Leslie Williams, another Olive 8 purchases was of course there. She only made one joke about holding me down while Erica could beat me up :).

More photos…

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