MLS Watch

I’m down in San Francisco enjoy some beautiful weather but a few listings finally caught my eye…

The Crawford

I’ve always had a soft spot for The Crawford and a new listing is now available. #401 is $589,000 for 1,150 1 bed place. Here’s the kitchen:

The DeLorges

After their opening party The Delorges, at 325 Harvard, has put some listings on the market. Price per square foot for these listings range between $468 and $553.

The Klee

Penthouse #PH08 is back on the market with a slight price reduction. After being on the market for a couple hundred days it might be time to consider something larger than a $30,000 price drop.


#204 is back on the market after getting pulled off. Looks like they switched listing agents and dropped the price a bit to $329,950.

Mosler Lofts

Few more price reductions…


#206 is a 1,146 square foot place available for $699,995.

Nice views…

But what do you think about the bedroom!?

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