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Poor Mosler – $6.7 MILLION Lien


Trace Getting a Neighbor At 1222 E Madison

If you bought on the east side of Trace it’s going to get a little noisy and you might lose your view in a year or two. From project #3008615: Design Review, early design guidance meeting for a six story, 108 unit apartment building with 5,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail. Parking will be… Read More

Trace Party Tomorrow & My Thoughts on Trace North

There’s another Trace North party tomorrow, Thursday June 26 from 6 to 8PM to celebrate “releasing” the sixth floor for sales. This time hopefully it doesn’t rain! They’d like you to RSVP – And if you do go, mention I sent you. They have a referral program for existing owners who refer new people…. Read More

Building Code And High Rise Windows

A reader in the forums has a question about whether his bedroom window should be able to open or not: I was wondering if someone knows about high rise condo building code regarding whether bedroom window can be open or not. I am looking at a unit where the bedroom has a few floor to… Read More

Weber Thompson Open House For Their Terry Thomas HQ

To celebrate the opening of their new head quarters architecture firm Weber Thompson held an open house this afternoon and I swung by to check it out. What’s Weber Thompson done that you’d recognize? On Capitol Hill Weber Thompson is known as the architects for Murray Franklyn’s often discussed Pine and Belmont condos. Other condos… Read More

1 Hotel Changes Hands

The Seattle Times is reporting that 1 Hotel has changed hands, Developer of stalled 1 Hotel sells out to partner Starwood: After an eight-year campaign to redevelop a half-block site at Second Avenue and Pine Street, Portland developer Paul Brenneke has sold his interest in the downtown Seattle property to Starwood Capital Group of Greenwich,… Read More

Are You Responsible For All This!?

I was running late yesterday so I cabbed back up to Capitol Hill. As I got in the cab holding a poster tube with a wall decal that had just arrived from Europe, the cabbie asked me if I was responsible for all this, waving his hands, at all the tall buildings. Surprised, I said… Read More

Inventory, Ballard, Downtown Grocery Store

You’re probably wondering when I’ll stop posting these lame link round ups. Me too. Seattle PI has a story with a great headline, Instead of condos, Queen Anne gets cars. Yes, that’s right, we can’t afford condos any more but we can afford luxury cars? Makes perfect sense. The article does mention some inventory numbers:… Read More

Meet Tom Kundig

Earlier this week the Seattle Times ran an article on Tom Kundig, Seattle architect Tom Kundig known for daring architecture, basic style: His down-to-earth style and disarming personality almost seem to clash with his highbrow résumé — one riddled with big-name clients and daring projects and, most recently, the architecture design award from The Smithsonian’s… Read More

Link Round Up

Maybe you were tired of condos last week too. If you so here’s what you and I both missed: The Slog has a post about Murray Franklyn wanting to tear down more businesses on 19th Ave, Another knock-down, drag-out fight on Capitol Hill? Vulcan offering rent to own program in SLU. State keeps two Seattle… Read More

Gallery Model Tour for VIPs

Gallery is hosting a model tour Saturday and Saturday June 28th & 29th. RSVP online. Looks like they have limited spots. Impressive that they show you live availability!

Going Crazy Furnishing

I haven’t blogged much this past week because I’m stressed out over my condo. Yes, I’ve been living here only a few months shy of a year but I’ve been living in a state of disarray that I’m finally trying to wrangle so I can actually enjoy the place. Unfortunately this is an agonizing process… Read More

MLS Watch – Lots of ~1750 sf Places

My Vegas weekend hang over is finally starting to wear off so time for a quick post about the new listings that hit the market this past weekend. 615 Pike Lofts Another big loft is for sale at 615 E Pike. Unit 406 is located on the rounded corner side of the building. At $889,000… Read More

Visits to Georgetown Lofts and 12th and Madison

On Sunday we visited the Pb Elemental home at 12th and John. I forgot my camera but Chris forwarded along even nicer photos. I really like it but don’t have a million dollars. Yesterday on my way to hockey in Kent we visited the Georgetown Lofts on Corson Ave (just down the street from Pb’s… Read More

Sally Clark Opinion Piece on Townhomes

The Seattle Times is running an opinion piece on townhomes written by Sally J. Clark, chair of the Seattle City Council’s Planning, Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee, Town homes: We can do better: When I talk to the developers who build town homes, they, like the unhappy neighborhoods, also have common themes: They do what… Read More

Seattle to Get Taller

There’s been a number of local stories about a push to make Seattle taller. The first batch last week was about Pioneer Square. Seattle Times, City plans taller buildings in Pioneer Square, International District: Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and city planners are calling for taller buildings in parts of Pioneer Square and the Chinatown International… Read More

How to Find Condo Units For Rent?

Irina writes in wondering how to find condo units for rent: A question for you — is there a centralized location for renters to see which condo units are on the rental market? A lot of us (meaning me) are interested in a modern building but it’s hard to filter Craigslist and Seattle Rentals apartment… Read More

Penthouse at Banner Building STI in 4 Days

Wow, I hadn’t gotten around to posting this yet and its already STI. Unit 604, 1,720 square feet was listed at $1,100,000. I wish I had an indoor grill…

Equinox: What’s Included?

A concerned buyer has emailed in the following based on their experience with Equinox. It raises a number of good questions about what you can expect based on your purchase and sale and what you can’t. Do any other readers have similar stories to share? — I purchased a unit at Equinox Condos in Eastlake… Read More

Skepticism Around Escala

Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur is skeptical of Escala’s ability to raise prices amid all this recession talk in, Condo grandeur’s price still climbing: Recession? What recession? There’s no such thing at Escala, the 31-story, mixed-use condominium complex under construction at Fourth and Virginia in downtown Seattle.Escala is so confident about Seattle’s prospects that this… Read More