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Poor Mosler – $6.7 MILLION Lien

By June 30, 2008


Trace Getting a Neighbor At 1222 E Madison

By June 30, 2008

If you bought on the east side of Trace it’s going to…

Trace Party Tomorrow & My Thoughts on Trace North

By June 25, 2008

There’s another Trace North party tomorrow, Thursday June 26 from 6 to…

Building Code And High Rise Windows

By June 25, 2008

A reader in the forums has a question about whether his bedroom…

Weber Thompson Open House For Their Terry Thomas HQ

By June 24, 2008

To celebrate the opening of their new head quarters architecture firm Weber…

1 Hotel Changes Hands

By June 24, 2008

The Seattle Times is reporting that 1 Hotel has changed hands, Developer…

Are You Responsible For All This!?

By June 24, 2008

I was running late yesterday so I cabbed back up to Capitol…

Inventory, Ballard, Downtown Grocery Store

By June 18, 2008

You’re probably wondering when I’ll stop posting these lame link round ups.…

Meet Tom Kundig

By June 18, 2008

Earlier this week the Seattle Times ran an article on Tom Kundig,…

Link Round Up

By June 16, 2008

Maybe you were tired of condos last week too. If you so…