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Where Would Buy With $2 Million?

Now that I’ve been asked for the third time where I think the good places for around $2 million are it’s worth posting about and getting some other ideas so I have something to point folks to. On my list when people ask are: 1521 5th and Madison (the penthouses) Escala Four Seasons Hotel 1000/Madison… Read More

Brix Raising Prices

Even though they’re faced by more delays Brix raised prices $10,000 on 11 units today.

MLS Watch: 2 Bed/2 Bath Downtown

With our Seattle condo inventory growing every day you think there would be a steady stream of interesting Seattle condos and lofts to blog about, but there isn’t! Everyday I anxiously check my new listings email to find more and more boring condos. The only semi interesting units to get listed recently are these two… Read More

Thursday July 31st is a Busy Night

6-8PM: Trace North Happy Hour. RSVP: Update: Canceled due to rain forecast. 6PM: Art, Wine + Modern Design II. Hosted by Pb Elemental at 3844 37th Ave So Mount Baker Area. RSVP: Here’s a photo of the home where the event is hosted: Chris sent me more about the home: The 2,470 s.f…. Read More

Dennis Saxman Loses Pine and Belmont Petition

Word is that Dennis Saxman has lost the Pine and Belmont petition against the city but this isn’t going to deter him from continuing his petition of 1605 Bellevue Ave down the street.

Escala Featured in Alaska In-Flight Magazine!

Escala sent out an email today touting the fact that they (and the Four Season) were featured in the latest issue of Alaska’s in-flight magazine [pdf] as if that’s like being feature in the New York Times or something: Escala has garnered impressive media attention in recent weeks, including a feature in the July Alaska… Read More

Brix Buyer Tells All

A Brix buyer rights in with what is going on: Not only was there a change in contractors at the Brix, tentative closing dates delayed for Broadway side of project till November. Buyers were also asked to sign new contracts that would allow for an additional 120 days, if closing not accomplished in November. Last… Read More

Craigslist Finds

I’m done buying furniture but that doesn’t mean I’m done browsing! Here are some interesting finds: Stainless steel prep table Williams Sonoma stainless prep table. If only it were bar height I’d buy it! Retro Devo metal sign. If this were at Area 51 they’d want $1000 for this (I can’t believe they charge $300/letter… Read More

Hillku Spell Checks Vertigo

I love this photo on Hillku making fun of the condo conversion known as Seattle’s ugliest condo (yes, it has since been repainted several times, getting slightly better with each new paint scheme): Another less obvious problem with the sign is the two phone numbers. Which should I call? Any bets on how long before… Read More

Heron and Pagoda: More Projects On Hold

The other week The Stranger had an article about all the projects on hold, The Building Bust Could Kill Some of Seattle’s Most Ambitious Towers: Records from DPD indicate that 35 major projects have stalled in the design-review process since this time last year. Several more whose developers have filed permit applications or submitted updated… Read More

Madison Lofts Newsletter

Madison Lofts sent out a self congratulatory newsletter today: 600 tours in two weeks 5 of 20 sold They were on King 5 because they over priced their units by $200/square foot. They think this article means it is a good time to buy. It baffles me why these marketing companies don’t put their newsletters… Read More

Want to Write for Urbnlivn?

Between work and the nice weather I’m having a hard time getting to all the events I’d like and writing about everything that needs to be written about. And so, I’d like to hire a writer to write 3 posts a week. Don’t worry I set the bar low in terms of writing skills (but… Read More

Trace North Mortgage Options

Trace North was partnering with First Horizon and appears to have now switched to Wells Fargo in order to offer a special payment plan if you put 10%+ down. Their incentive is for year 1 the rate is 4%, year 2 it is 5% and year 3, 4 and 5 it’s 6%. It’s not a… Read More

Tour Agnes Lofts on July 20th

It was too nice of a day to drive down to Georgetown for the Orcas Residences open house so we headed to Madison Park for some swimming instead. If you’re looking for an open house to go to next weekend, the current issue of Seattle magazine featured the Agnes Lofts and will be hosting an… Read More

Klebeck No Longer With Gun Club at Trace Lofts

Michael Klebeck is no longer associated with the Gun Club. Rumor has it that someone associated with the War Room is looking at the space. I’ve been really looking forward to a nice little local hang out opening up but I guess we’ll have to settle for a sales center for the foreseeable future.

Help Improve Urbnlivn, Take a Short Survey

You’d probably be surprised to find out how much effort it is to blog every other day and attend a handful events every few weeks. Sometimes I feel like I’m just talking to myself. Other times, I feel like you contribute much more than I do. Something I’d like to understand better is what you… Read More

Living Above Retail Space?

Yesterday it was a question about courtyard living, today it’s about living above a retail space. Any comments on buying a unit in the 2nd floor above the retail space at Trace North? I’m wondering whether the sound isolation will be good enough to sleep soundly even if the restaurant below the unit is open… Read More

Photos of Madison Lofts

After picking up a some old gym lockers at The RE Store and taking care of some other Trace errands, my favorite girlfriend ever, Chels, (no she’s not making me write this) and I swung by Madison Lofts. I know I’m late to the party on visiting Madison Lofts but better late than never! Here’s… Read More

Brix Switching Contractors a Month Before Close

Capitol Hill Seattle hints that WG Clark has been fired from Brix and no longer on the site there (thanks to Rick for the tip, I’m clearly behind in reading my 1000+ Seattle neighborhood blogs.) I confirmed with the folks at Brix that this is the case. Sounds like Schnitzer recognized that the project was… Read More

Courtyard Living at Brix?

I got an email the other day from someone considering Brix: I’m considering buying at Brix, and have a question about a comment you made in your post about the Brix hardhat tour (great post and pics, thank you!). You mentioned that you’d shy away from buying a unit facing into the courtyard. Why is… Read More