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Conference For Condo Buyers and Managers

For condo owners, board members, managers, real estate agents, or providers the local chapter of the Community Associations Institute is hosting a day long conference for you on all kinds of topics on Saturday October 11th in Bellevue: Register online. Anyone going?

Wamu Building Going Condos

A reader pointed me to Monica’s PI blog post and The Slog both who blogged about this photo set on Flickr posted by Asmallcupcake (who oddly has no other photos): That’s a pretty funny prank.

Beware of Condo Dues!

The Seattle PI has a full page, above the fold, lengthy story on the danger of increasing condo dues for new construction projects. I guess people are tired of reading about the election and the bailout. After moving into the building and forming their own homeowner association two years ago, 2200 residents were faced with… Read More

Sunday Seattle Times

It’s been a long time since I forked over $0.75 for the Sunday Seattle Times but while I was picking up a New York Times today I was curious about what the condo marketers had to say in these tumultuous times. Turns out, not much. Page 2: Seventeen07: 1/8 of page ad advertising their October… Read More

17 Cap Hill Condos Being Auctioned

17 units at 1707 Bolyston are being auctioned off starting at $95,000 (via Ben). Yikes. In other news about entire buildings failing, Redfin is adding multi-family inventory soon and while testing the new data out I noticed that Impluvium Condominiums at 1122 Broadway E is being offered as a whole package for only $3.3 million.

Website Problems…

I’ve been having some website problems. I’ve moved the blog over to a new host but some other pieces will be broken until I can fix them tonight/this weekend. I also had to re-create some lost posts and comments. Hopefully I got them all! One of them was from Dean of Realogics.

Escala Website Updates!!

Escala re-launched or added content to their websites recently. (To notify everyone they sent an email but linked one of the button images in the email to the wrong website and so they sent the email twice.) The main Escala site is not surprisingly a Flash based site. The benefits of a Flash based site… Read More

BoConcept Party Thursday Night 7-10pm

Thursday, September 25th, 7-10PM. 901 Western Ave. RSVP: See the photos from my showroom visit. I might be there. My friends want to go get drunk at the Attic (its keep your stein Thursdays) at 7 so I’m conflicted.

Brix Open House

See four model homes at Brix October 4th and 5th. Noon to 5 PM. At the new new presentation center located at street level on the Broadway side of the building My Brix photos.

Dean Says Seattle is Different; Keep Buying!

It’s not just Trace North that wants you to keep buying Seattle Business Monthly wrote about the “Real Estate: Condo Conundrum” (via Marlow) and talks to Dean Jones of Realogics who after Leslie Williams profits from keeping us buying: “The media spectacle makes it difficult for the average consumer to understand that Seattle is significantly… Read More

King 5 Finds Condo Conversions Crumbling

Finally the story of how bad conversions have been over the last few years has come to light, Investigators: Some condo conversions crumbling (with video) (via Ben): Jobe’s firm specializes in conversion inspections and says the average cost of repairs is more than $30,000 per unit. “I’ve inspected hundreds and hundreds of units and all… Read More

Trace Says Its a Good Time To Buy!

A reader wrote in: I thought Urbnlivn’s readers might get a kick out of this note from Trace’s sales department. I admire their optimism, but they’re going for a Pulitzer Prize in chutzpah with their message: rates are down thanks to mortgage-related bank collapses, so you should borrow more money! Here’s the email: Dear J.,… Read More

Gallery Residents Moving In

The Gallery folks let everyone know that people are moving in to the first five floors and that: The remaining retail space has been sold to a small grocer and will be called The Belltown Café-Market. The market will provide deli items, including ready-to-eat meals, groceries, wine and assorted last-minute items. Anyone here move in… Read More

What Was New and Exciting Last Week

It’s been a crazy few days at work with our all hands company meeting last Friday. In the meantime a few interesting units have hit the market… 81 Vine #206 is a curious unit. 18 foot ceilings, 3 levels, 808 square feet all for $415,000. Bellora The Klee Penthouse #4 is for sale. 1,160 square… Read More

Video of Bay Vista Tower Unit Before Foreclosure

Remember that Bay Vista Tower unit that is in foreclosure? Rob found a video of it in the condition I toured it in about a year and half ago.

40 Stories In SLU?

Seattle Times,

$12 Million Dollar Penthouse

Edward Krigsman at ek gave me the heads up about a $12 million dollar penthouse not on the MLS, Market Place Tower Penthouse. 3 beds, 3 baths, 4,663 square feet, 2,711 square foot terrace Looking down at the unit: While I hope to tour it soon I have spoken to someone who has. They said… Read More

A Visit to Leona

On Thursday I swung by the quiet broker’s open at Leona at the corner of Ward and Queen Anne Ave (I biked there and thought it was lower Queen Anne but it is definitely part way up the hill.) There are 18 units. 5 of which are “new construction”, 2 penthouses and 3 townhomes. The… Read More

Moda Now Renting

Ashely points out that rentals from Moda are now available on Seattle Rentals. Call me crazy but these units are ridiculous. Who would want a 2 bedroom/1 bath unit that is 530 to 631 square feet for $1925 to $2175 per month? That’s insane.

Mural At Monique Lofts

Walking by Monique Lofts on Sunday I noticed the mural but was unsure how new it was so I was afraid to blog anything in case it had been up for a year and I just hadn’t noticed it. Thanks to CHS for pointing to pictures from Levi Clark on Flickr of the creation: It’s… Read More