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1521 Lighting

1521 is starting off their grand opening week by lighting up every unit:

the 38-story Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue, the newest addition to Seattle’s skyline, will be lit from top to bottom at approximately 5:30 p.m., Monday, Jan. 26. The lighting will last for approximately one hour.

Hopefully it will be dark enough :P.

19th Ave Lofts

This is probably a very nice unit at 19th Avenue lofts but the photography doesn’t do it any favors. From unit 109, a 859 square foot unit with 2 parking spots priced at a reasonable $375,000:

Belltown Lofts

Unit #207 looks promising at $299,000 for 783 square feet. Certainly a low price per square foot.


Rumor has it a penthouse unit at Monique Lofts will be coming on the market soon.


If you’re interested in the Parc sign up for their mailing list. They do like to let you know about a different deal every few days. Today its unit 629 at $339k for 685 square feet. Great interest rate incentive:

For a limited time, purchase a brand-new condo at The Parc & receive interest rates as low as 2.875% for the first year, 3.875% for the second year, then locking in at 4.875% for the remainder of the loan.


A few units hit the MLS today. Unit 307 is $379,990 for 703 square feet.

Veer Lofts

They’ve been putting more units on the MLS featuring photos from the actual units (or so it seems). Her is unit

Plus for six units (#207, #211, #409, #411, #413 and #516) at Veer Lofts there are a ton of incentives (all these lofts are under $300k):

  • Pay no homeowner dues until September 1st, 2010!
  • All your closing costs paid up to $7450!
  • A $1,000 Ikea gift certificate!
  • A 1-year membership to Rain Fitness, a short two blocks from Veer!
  • Two $500 gift certificates on Alaska Airlines

Convert Your Own Church

Or maybe you don’t want to unit but try your hand at being a developer. You could always buy this Ballard church at 7002 23rd Ave NW. Only $1.8m.

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  • I've visited the Veer, Unit 412, and a couple others. Price for Unit 412 was $318,000. The others were less; all were very interesting to me. Compared to the other over-priced buildings you've listed in this post, the Veer seems to be one of the better options on the market. Build quality is better than I expected; quite excellent actually. I couldn't hear any traffic or neighbors (only 50% sold, I know), and I think the overall package and location are excellent.

    I don't need the plane tickets or incentives, and if the price were just a bit lower, I'd pull the trigger. I like the project. A much better value than Ruby and the other places you mentioned, IMO. And best of all, they will entertain offers at less than the asking price.

    That said, I expect to see another 20% drop in overall real estate prices. That may make for better prices in the future, or not. Who knows. If you're looking for a one-bedroom-sized place and can come up with $300K, I give the Veer a serious look.

  • “All your closing costs paid up to $7450”

    …if you close by February 22nd.

    Also, the price of the unit I saw was $285,000, not $318,000. The price reductions on some units range from 10% to 30%.

  • “All your closing costs paid up to $7450”

    …if you close by February 22nd.

    Also, the price of the unit I saw was $285,000, not $318,000. The price reductions on some units range from 10% to 30%.