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Update on Ruby Financing

Thinking of buying at Ruby on Eastlake? Here’s the word from them on how they’re tackling financing: Ruby has partnered with a local lender (Seattle Mortgage) that has committed to close homes with no presale requirement. We are also working with other regional lenders for additional commitments to close homes with no presale requirements. Further,… Read More

MLS Watch: Multi-level Places Downtown

Millennium Tower You’d never guess that Millennium Tower, just across the streets from Redfin HQ , would have condos atop of it. Another (there’s already a few units on the market from $1.2 million to $8 million) just came on the market today for $4.6 million. It last sold in spring of ’07 for $3.9… Read More

Cafe Stellina Is For Sale

Cafe Stellina is for sale. Can someone please buy Cafe Stellina and turn it into an awesome brunch place? Maybe Crave could move in here? Thanks! In other Liz Dunn news CHS has a post about her 11th and Pike project as does the Slog. In other 12th news there is a meeting on February… Read More

Queen Anne High Auctioning 12 Condos

A reader reports in the comments that Queen Anne High at 201 Galer is auctioning 14 12 units. This matches up with the January FatReport which indicates they have 14 units unsold. Does anyone have the details on the auction? You can find out more about the auction at the Kennedy Wilson splash site Queen… Read More

Veer Lofts Monthly Payments Too Low

Today Veer Lofts sent out the following email: It was quickly followed by this email to me from a reader: Dude – are you posting from Hawaii? This is absurd. Look at the estimated payments… :) and then look at the asterisk at the bottom: based on an interest rate that doesn’t exist, without taxes… Read More

Fini Now Sold Out

Just got a note from the Fini folks (looks like they need to update their site…): We SOLD OUT over the weekend over at Fini Condo’s! w/back up offers. In other sales news I can’t stop checking out Seattle Block Shopper. It’s like a bad car crash. What they do is mash up public records… Read More

Site Still Slow?

Is the site still unbearably slow? Let me know in the comments… The New York Times recently had an article about condos & foreclosure. Very New York focused but an interesting read none the less, The Downside for Condos in a Downturn. And I was a little surprised to see the Seattle Times dig into… Read More

Rollin Street Closing Date Pushed Back

Got this forwarded to me. Sorry for not posting earlier. We were busy releasing a new version Redfin where we show all our agents deals & reviews. Hello – With the completion of Rollin Street quickly approaching, we wanted to give you an update on the project’s status. As you may know, new restrictions to… Read More

Condos Being Delievered in 2009

Just curious what’s left in the condo pipeline… I need some help though. Please fill in the gaps or make corrections in the comments and I’ll update the post. Thanks! 2009 1111 – Capitol Hill The Alex – Belltown Danielle – Ballard The Dakota – West Seattle Enso – SLU Equinox – Eastlake Escala –… Read More

What’s a Sale?

An observant reader has been following sales at Brix and wonders why the number has fluctuated so much. I suspect the number has fluctuated because we (bloggers, marketers and real estate agents) have loosely used the word sales to refer to anything from reservations to closed transactions. Unfortunately not every “sale” actually results in someone… Read More

Florera in Greenlake Goes Rental

I forgot to blog about the Seattle Times article, More empty apartments forecast in the Seattle area: More than 100 condo buildings in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties — many of them apartments originally — are becoming rentals again because the units haven’t sold well in this down market, said Greg Wendelken, vice president and… Read More

Rollin Street Photos & Tour

I recently toured Rollin Street. Again, no photos from me since Vulcan like 1521 prohibits photography. Though Vulcan did share these photos: Sounds like Rollin has about 52 signed purchase and sales for 208 units. They’re expecting their temporary certificate of occupancy in the first week of March, so buyers if they can get financing… Read More

Four Seasons Sold 25 of 36

The Four Seasons sent our a press release with their latest sales figures: Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Seattle today announced it has sold 25 of its 36 luxury private residences and officially closed on 22 of those sales. The major project milestone is valued at more than $120 million dollars in closings to… Read More

Pine and Belmont Development Proceeding?

A reader wonders what is up at Pine + Belmont: I live at the Press (Pine and Belmont) and on my way home this afternoon I noticed fliers posted on all the cars parked across the street in the gravel lot where Kinkora used to be. The flyers served as cease and desist requests, indicating… Read More

Furnished Condo for a Month?

A friend is visiting Seattle and wondering if anyone has a furnished condo that they’re interested in subletting for a month: Feburary 22nd – Mar 20. Something furnished and downtown with access to the 545 bus to Redmond. Let me know:

2 Lofts With Exposed Brick

Two places with exposed brick caught my eye recently… 75 S Main First off down in Pioneer Square we have unit #201 at 75 S Main. It is available for $429k. It’s 717 square feet. Firehouse I have a soft spot for “the Firehouse” on Capitol Hill. Unit #2 is available for $525k. It’s 1000… Read More

The 1521 Photos They Wouldn’t Let Me Take

Here are the photos 1521 didn’t trust me to take. As you can see they turned out much better than my usual amateur photography. However, they don’t show you the controversial unit A entry. I would have! And if you’re curious about who lives at 1521 or who is considered VIP enough to attend their… Read More

Has Anyone Gotten Their Earnest Money Back?

A lot of folks put 5% earnest money down years ago to lock up a condo that is only coming to market now. Unfortunately for many folks the purchase and sale agreement they signed very likely didn’t have a financing contingency because as the sales center folks will tell you, that’s just not how it’s… Read More