Windermere Onsite Out at Gallery & Equinox

Looks like Schnitzer West is switching to their own brokerage instead of using Windermere Onsite to finish sales off at Gallery & Equinox.

The Gallery announcement:

We proudly announce that Schnitzer West’s brokerage is now Brix’s listing agent. Community Sales Representatives Larry Ahrens and Kristi Dilts will be available to assist you beginning Wednesday, April 15th.

The Equinox announcement:

We proudly announce that Schnitzer West’s brokerage is now Equinox’s listing agent. Community Sales Representatives Amanda Loring and Cindi Strain will be available to assist you beginning Wednesday, April 15th.

I wonder what this means for Williams Marketing at Brix?

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  • in the know

    Williams Marketing is out too. Schnitzer West is going in-house with all of their marketing and sales efforts.

  • Justin Bowers

    Acccording to, WA Square has made a similar move:

  • The MD

    DUH! This made sense from the beginning. I've never understood why developers with their own in-house marketing firms would allow another company to touch their projects. It just never made any sense. We'll be seeing the a LOT more of this practice nationwide in the near future and long-term future. Finally, developers are understanding the value of keeping their interests closer to their own firms. The loss of information is greatly reduced from developer, construction managers, etc. to the sales agents/siteas using this manner of marketing. It is much better for the consumer.

  • Chris

    I head a rumor that J.L. Scott are on their way out at Vulcan's SLU properties…

  • Jon

    I completely disagree with the MD on his post. If I am developer, I want a third party company, such as JLS/Windermere/TeamBuilder to manage the sales side of the deals, as I want agents that are respected in the community. Unfortunately, the site sales companies have done a horrible job of throwing in one reputable name, and then a bunch of green agents that don't know left from right with regard to real estate.

    I don't think this move, while it may be a money saver, will help Schnitzer. It is going to alienate the agent population, and it is going to create more of a partisan relationship between buyers and the seller's representatives, which are not bound by Realtor code of ethics of disclosure like a third party company is.

    I think this is a bad move, and it will certainly not help the flailing projects that are represented by Schnitzer.

  • The MD

    Jon, the agents the developers bring in are not from out of Seattle. These agents too are “Seattleites,” and they fully understand the Seattle market as much, if not better, than the “green” agents so often found in through third-party providers. And, let's be real here, the site agents from third-party providers NEVER represented the buyer anyway, regardless if the agent represents himself/herself as a “dual agent.” The site agents, no matter whether they are in-house or third-party, always represent the developer's best interest. Period. So, if developers really want to sell their condos, they need individuals that are associated with the developer as it will insure future job security with those agents' jobs. Third-party providers could care less because they have another job lined up just down the street if the project fails. In-house people HAVE to do a better job, and they typically do.

    As for alienating the agent population, it will do no such thing. Agents will still have the option of bringing their buyers to the table at any of these sites and still collecting their 3% commission. They could care less who is representing the seller as long as they're taking their cut from the transaction. That's just business.

  • Jon

    MD, I am not sure if you are a real estate agent or not, but I am.

    Agents want to work with other agents that they know and respect. Selling a condominium from a developer with no third party company to help manage sales is like selling a house that is a FSBO. Frankly, I hate selling FSBO's.

    MD, as for the agents that these companies are using, well, THEY AREN'T EVEN AGENTS! They are not listed in the MLS (at least, some of them aren't). So, good luck. To represent a developer, you don't even need a real estate license. So, in all due respect, you are speaking nonsense.

    Theoretically, any agent that sits an open is representing the seller, unless the seller gives permission for the agent sitting the open to not represent them.

  • The MD


    1. You wouldn't sell the FSBO. The OWNER would sell the FSBO: For Sale OWNER.
    2. You'll be happy to work with anyone that will give you the 3% cut you're seeking. In fact, if these people aren't even agents, then you'll be happy about it – it will make your life and job simple because you can b.s. those guys more easily.
    3. You still haven't given a single good reason why it would benefit the BUYER by getting rid of the third-party (Developer's) representatives. I still see no hurt this causes the buyers. Even by your own admission, the existing site agents SUCK SUCK SUCK, and they're part of the third-party representation.

    Let's face it – you just don't like that this methodology helps to put people like you out of work. That's business. Well, do something about it to make the process better for the BUYERS and stop thinking about YOURSELF (aka what can the realtor get out of it) After all, isn't it the buyer you're supposedly concerned about? Well, if it is, then act like it. And, if the buyer you represent wants to buy at one of these developments, then YOU will do what it takes to work with those developers' reps to make the deal happen. It's a simple word called “work.” It isn't a dirty thing to do.

  • Hassan

    You hate it ?

    Great, that's why you'll never be my real estate agent.

    When I pay you 3% of a multi-100'000$ transaction, I expect you to work your ass off for it and give me my money's worth, by implying you don't want to present these places to your client simply because there's no “real” real estate agent behind them, you automatically make yourself look like someone who doesn't give a damn about his client's interests.

    Real estate agents have a bad reputation in general as people who care more about what they will make on a transaction than about getting the right deal for their client, your post is certainly not helping correct that.

  • willie

    Good luck to them!

  • equinoxapartments

    Does anyone know of other conversations going on with people that have contracts at Equinox? I have one and it is a mess.

  • M'sFan95


    What is going on in your contract? Why is it a mess?

    By the way…isnt Equinox a condo job? Why is your call sign, “Equinoxapartments”?