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Photos From Remington Court

By May 3, 2009

Remington Court

The best way to get me to your opening or to see your place is events AFTER work. On Friday evening before a BBQ I swung by Remington Court:

It’s impressive they’ve sold three of the four units so quickly (though I can’t find the last unit on the MLS?) And thanks to the couple who let me see the standalone unit. I certainly liked your home :).

I liked the kitchens. However, I’m not a fan of the siding they used on the exterior and interior stairwells. Reminds me of the siding of a cruise gangplank. But they really went all out on the windows for the stairwell to the roof:

Here’s a short lame video from the living room + kitchen:

Here’s all my photos.

But what I really want is one of their Cargotecture homes on a lot up in the woods close to a mountain.