Trace North Happy Hour Videos

Last Friday I stopped by the Trace North happy hour and enjoyed some wine with Anecia and a few other buyers. I also toured a few units and instead of taking photos I shot a bunch of short lame videos.

Good news, they have one of my favorite floor plans left, the 1 bedroom + den [youtube]. It’s just currently a model unit. Of the units I toured, I liked #618 the best [youtube]. Floor to ceiling west facing windows, nice.

Here’s all the videos I took:

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  • uwp

    “Whoa. There's the water heater, chillin' in the closet… well, I guess not chillin.”

    Good stuff.

  • Chris

    1br + den in 654 sq ft? That can't be comfortable.

  • Apple Mac Computers

    I want to buy quality floor plans for indian style homes. Can anybody point me to the right location/person?

  • Jason

    I saw a model of that floor plan at the last Trace happy hour. It certainly didn't look comfortable. The bedroom could hold a queen size bed with barely enough room to stand up next to it. Way too many interior walls. There are plenty of open floor plan units on the market for $350k — no need to spend that much at Trace and be cramped.

  • Jason

    I've seen that floor plan at Trace North and it is indeed pretty uncomfortable. Too many interior walls — were it a loft style, it would be a lot more inviting. As it stands, you can do a lot better with $350,000 than a cramped 1-bedroom apartment.