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Problems Financing Live/Work Units?

A reader writes in wondering if others have struggled with financing a live/work unit: Out of curiosity and based on a recent experience, have you ever heard of people having difficulty closing on a live/work condo? I was recently denied based on the condo being classified by the HOA as live/work despite the zoning being… Read More

You Better Be There!

Our Urbnlivn meet up is tomorrow. 2354 Minor Ave E from 6 to whenever Jon’s free beer and wine run’s out. And I expect you to be there. Blaine Weber, Dean Jones, Leslie Williams, Ted Schroth, Aubrey Cohen, James Stroupe, Javila Schelhorn, Sam Cunningham, Jim Goldberg, Chris Pardo I know you read this blog. Sure,… Read More

Mid-Century Loft At Talisman

I know you folks like the Talisman so here’s another unit for you that just came on the market, #309. 535 square feet for $250k. Looks like they paid attention to detail: I don’t know about the heated marble floors though…

Three Houseboats Under $500k

Today a reader clued me into three bank owned houseboats, either new construction or recently remodeled, under $500k, that just came on the market. The first two are neighbors on Portage Bay. 2818 Boyer Ave E #7 is $485,000 and caught my eye because it has a garage door in the living room: 2818 Boyer… Read More

1111 E Pike On Sale

Thanks to a tip to a reader I see that 27-unit new construction project on Capitol Hill, 1111 E Pike, is on the market. Unit #501 is 793 square feet making it a pricey $567/square foot putting it above neighborhoring Trace North in price (also new construction). “Immediate occupancy” and the sales center opens July… Read More

Lumen Auction – Agent or No Agent?

Just curious if folks planning to buy at the Lumen auction are going to be using an agent or not? If so, are there any agents that specialize in auctions?

Odds and Ends

There’s been a few good articles on other blogs recently that I just haven’t had time to comment on. Here they are: PSBJ, Seattle, Bellevue luxury condominium towers are slow to fill up: County records show just 317 units have recorded closed sales out of the 1,321 offered at these five projects, which is fewer… Read More

Enso is Priced to Sell (Photos & Videos Too!)

Tonight was the brokers open for Enso, a Vulcan project in South Lake Union. When I swung by the party was in full swing. The Enso common room was packed full of agents partying like it was 2005. It was quite the sight! The most remarkable thing about the project is that I think the… Read More

Condo Wins Prestigious Award, I Roll My Eyes

Maybe I’m an outsider and don’t know just how important the Gold Nugget Awards are but when I got a press release from 1521 declaring their victory I rolled my eyes while the other bloggers lapped it up: Opus Northwest, today announced that its Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue condominium development in downtown Seattle received two… Read More

Dodging a Special Assessment

I smiled when I saw this post from my good friend Katrina: I sold my condo in Seattle almost two and a half years ago to avoid the next planned renovation to the building exterior that would have resulted in yet another costly special assessment. But after I sold, the project never seemed to materialize…. Read More

Guest Post: Walking Away from Azul

Here’s a first hand account of someone looking at buying at Azul in Fremont and walking away. If you have a first hand account touring or making an offer just drop me a line at — I’ve been using your blog while looking at condos, and wanted to share some “buyer beware” news about… Read More

Reminder: Urbnlivn Meetup Next Week!

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you next Tuesday at the Urbnlivn meetup at Lakeview Lofts. You should come if you’re tired of trashing your projects, or you post cranky comments here, think about posting cranky comments, enjoying reading other people’s cranky comments, want to talk about advertising opportunities, would like to be a… Read More

Guest Post: Is First Church Lacking In Vision?

Urbnlivn loves reader contributions, especially ones that make us a think. — Dear Mr. Goyer, As a regular reader of I find myself usually agreeing with you, so I thought I would take a few minutes to write about a break in that pattern: my reaction upon walking through Sanctuary at First Church. By… Read More

Modern Living in Queen Anne

Not much has caught my eye recently except this renovated townhouse on Queen Anne. It’s at 1914 8th Ave W and two are available. This one is $699k for 2,456 square feet.

Georgetown Building Fashioned Out of Cargo Containers

I hear that HyBrid Architecture (located just a block from me on Capitol Hill) craned into place 12 cargo containers today for their office/retail project in Georgetown. Here’s the rendering since I was too busy working to go stand around and watch some craning: Here’s their press release with all the details [pdf]. This post… Read More

Save the Date – Urbnlivn Meetup June 30th at 6pm

It’s been way too long since the last Urbnlivn meetup. Fortunately Jon Hunter, long time Urbnlivn reader and John L Scott agent, has been kicking my butt to organize one. To make it easy he’s even offered to host it at Lakeview Lofts a project which has caught my eye but I haven’t been out… Read More

Lumen Auction Informational On July 1st

I’ll be celebrating Canada day but if you’re not Canadian and looking to buy at Lumen you may be interested in their how-to-buy seminar including mock auction. What: LUMEN “How to Buy” pre-auction seminar and registration When: Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 7 P.M. Where: LUMEN Lounge, 501 Roy Street, Seattle, WA 98109 I must… Read More

Bullitt Foundation Planning Living Building at 1501 E Madison

Today the DJC reports that the Bullitt Foundation plans uniquely Northwest building at 1501 E Madison (currently the site of C. C . Attles that they purchased for $3 million a few years ago). They’re partnering with Point32 and Miller Hull to design the very green retail, commercial and residential building. Renderings please!

Row 8 Lofts Renderings

Looks like Pb Elemental has launched the Row 8 Lofts site for their live/work project in South Seattle. I must say I don’t think I’m a fan of the exterior: It kinda reminds me of the fortress of a math building where I spent four years of my life.

Williams Replaces John L Scott at Veer & Enso, Windermere Onsite Taken Over

As we predicted Williams Marketing is replacing John L Scott at Vulcan projects Veer Lofts and Enso. This is a win for Williams Marketing as they just lost Olive 8 and Brix. It also looks like Williams Marketing has picked up the Pittsburgh from when I checked their site last weekend. In other brokerage news,… Read More