Meeting William Justen at 1521

Last Thursday I went to a New Home Council Meeting that was hosted by 1521.

There I had the opportunity to listen to William Justen who gave a short talk about 1521. Here are my notes:

  • They’re 60% closed (w/several dozen pending and 30 or so available)
  • 10% of the sold homes have kids living in them
  • The units are double the average size of condo units
  • There will be an encore project when the economy recovers
  • There was some heckling from Leslie Williams
  • They allow dogs
  • Larger units mean less square footage is taken up by corridors
  • Every unit has a view of the water
  • He choose Blaine Weber to design it since Blaine has lived condos while most architects haven’t lived in multi-family housing since they left college.

He also talked a lot about building a strong community and all they’ve done to foster that. One of the things he attributes to their strong community is that the residents share a lot of common interests, likely because there isn’t a lot of income diversity; they’re all filthy rich. He said the group does have age diversification. In order to build community they started an ACT Theater + dinner night. They started this before they moved in and it continues to go strong with more than 20 folks out on a recent Wednesday night.

I also had the opportunity to chat with William one on one. I hadn’t realized he was involved with 1111 E Pike. The “more affordable” version of 1521 :P. We chatted about the variety of places he’s lived downtown and his favorite restaurants; it was great to talk to someone as passionate about downtown living as I am. And I wish I had toured his Market Place Tower penthouse when I had the chance (recently sold for $9 million). His Seaboard penthouse is currently on the market for $2.3 mil.

If anyone needs to blog it’s William. Have you seen his “desk notes”? I recently got desk note #17. It’s an opus.

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  • jel

    I always appreciate your “insider insights” on posts such as this; it gives a nice feel for downtown condo living. The National Enquirer part of my brain, however, is curious to know more about your item “There was some heckling from Leslie Williams”. Please tell more.

  • The MD

    I could elaborate on this item. Many people find her to be less-than-appropriate at particular times. I would call it her standard mode of operation.

  • Gabe

    Good post. I'd be quite interested in reading William's “Desk Notes.” Where might I find them?


  • Name

    You can find the desk notes on the fifteen Twenty-One site.

  • Oxen Free

    Leslie is a back stabbing,stupid whore that doesn't know what she's doing!