The Block on Queen Anne Sneaks Up On Us

Who knew about this project and didn’t tell us??

The Block “perched high above Lake Union in lower Queen Anne” at 1707 Dexter Ave N looks like quite the little six unit development that just got done and hit the market. Unit C, the only one on the MLS, is pricey though at $1.3 mil! But it is sizable at 2,000 square feet.

Lots of exposed wood, steel, views…

You can find out more at Bloch Development’s website. Including exterior renderings and floor plans.

Update: A few more units hit the MLS today:

  • Unit A: 805 square feet @ $400k
  • Unit D: 800 square feet @ $380k
  • Unit B: 2,050 square feet @ $1.27mil

Price guessing game is for unit C.

Graph of appraisals

Current average appraisal:


You must have JavaScript enabled to submit an appraisal.

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  • Sbux

    Interesting project. I like the exterior a lot. It’s not super obvious from the website exactly how the units are laid out. Where are the entrances and parking?

    The interior design is a little too safe. There is a too much wood on the interior – I would have liked to see something else like raw concrete. I’m also not a huge fan of the way they have approached the industrial look. I don’t think it works well in combo with all the wooden floors (but that’s just me).

  • Peckhammer

    Horrible, dangerous neighborhood, in a landslide zone. Nice looking place though; I’ve watched it being built since day one.

    I live next door and I chose to live in this area because I have a penchant for shuffling through used hypodermic needles while gardening, watching prostitutes engaged in their entrepreneurial ways, and having my car broken into and/or stolen on a weekly basis.

    On the bright side, you can drown your sorrows at the Dexter and Hayes pub, and then crawl back home while other drunk patrons get into domestic disturbances at closing time. Does wonders for your sleep pattern, though the Block’s windows look to be of good quality. Hopefully they can repel swat team bullets; about a year ago the swat team fired a couple shots into the apartment building windows at the top of Garfield (100 feet from the Block).

    Not a decent restaurant on all of Dexter Avenue North, shootings, stabbings, muggings, car theft, prostitution, a sizable homeless encampment directly across from the block on Aurora, two meth-related explosions and subsequent fires in the past 8 months make the Block and it’s urban location a winner. And if you are lucky, a heavy rain or earthquake will give you a Westlake address.Sign me up!

    BTW, I am not kidding about any of this.

  • GoCougs

    I drive by this project on my way to work. Great design, decent location, although the units in back only get views from the top floor, typical of most townhomes. They have shoehorn garages and parking court for that pricing. They have better character than other BS townhome developments, but still overpriced…

    What I want to know is what is going on with the old storage building next to Lyon's Deli just up the street. Been gutted under construction for the better part of two years, don't know if it is condos or apartments.

  • i've known about it for a while, but couldn't find who the architect was….nice building

  • peckhammer

    So, you considered the alley parallel to Aurora to be a good location? Is this really Queen Ann? Are the Summit and the Domain considered Queen Ann locations? Just curious.

    I am also curious about the former storage building. It looks to be close to completion, and I've heard it characterized as both apartments and condos. One thing can be said about it: it looks way better than it used to.

  • GoCougs

    I was meaning location from downtown. I wouldn't want to live that close to Aurora, but I have lived on Dexter for four years and really like the neighborhood. I have never felt in danger or seen any issues.

    If this isn't Queen Anne, than what is it? Of course Domain and the Summit are on Queen Anne. The 98109 zip code encompasses that whole side of the hill.

    These places are good looking, but overpriced like everything else.

  • Peckhammer

    I've lived in this hood for 10 years, and I may have a better insight into the true color of the hood given my work in condo management. Meth lab explosions, drug dealing, prostitution, gun fire, muggings, lots of auto theft and car break-ins, are all common to the Dexter/Aurora corridor between Mercer and where Dexters hits Westlake. I been through numerous security audits with the Seattle Police over the years, so you may want to reconsider your perception of danger. And directly behind the Block on the west side of Aurora is a homeless encampment. Forwarned is forearmed.

    The 98109 zip code also encompasses Yale and Republican, one block from I-5 near Cascade Playground, on the southeast side of the Lake Union. Is that Queen Anne too?

  • penz

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  • peckhammer

    Since they can't sell them, they appear to be available for rent now. $1750 for the live/work units. They look cool.

  • peckhammer

    Since they can't sell them, they appear to be available for rent now. $1750 for the live/work units. They look cool.