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Browse Condos on the Go With Redfin’s iPhone App

I don’t normally blast you all with Redfin news, but I think this time it’s worth an exception, because today, Redfin, my employer who generously lets me blog occasionally at work, launched our iPhone app. You can download it here. If you love it, help us out by please leaving a review! You can read… Read More

Realogics Launches Condo Bulk Buy

Wow, busy news day! Realogics announced today that they sold the last unit at the Parc, selling out the 185 unit building. They claim its the first sell out building since Vulcan’s 2200 in 2007 (also marketed by Realogics) (unfortunately my fact checker is on vacation to double check that assertion.) They also announced… Read More

Gallery Condo Auction

Schnitzer West is also auctioning off 35-40 units at Gallery on September 27th. Minimum bids are 50% of last list prices. They will continue to market the property as they’ve been doing up until the auction, after the auction according to Schnitzer West. You can find out more at or check out their press… Read More

Brix Condo Auction

Wow! Looks like Schnitzer West is “proactively taking measures to establish market pricing and enhance absorption of the properties” by auctioning off 40 units at Brix on September 27. Minimum bids are about 50% off of the last list price. A reader just sent me a link to this: Register at for more info… Read More

My Favorite Loft is For Sale

Quite possibly my favorite loft in the city is for sale (the only one it competes with would be the penthouse at 1310 E Union. But if you think you live in a better space, invite me over!) It’s the south-west penthouse at Monique Lofts and is for sale by a longtime Urbnlivn reader. I… Read More

The Meritage Cost $5.8M to Build

This isn’t newsworthy but I found it interesting to recent discover that The Meritage, the first building I bought at in 2006, cost $5.8 million to build. 47 units totaling 45,000 square feet. Or $128/square foot. I forget what the average sales $/square foot was but I paid something like $450/square foot (yes, yes I… Read More

Read Your Condo Docs Carefully!

A bunch of us at Trace Lofts were shocked and appalled when last week a big Starbucks banner went up on the east side of our building: Emails flew back and forth and it was pointed out to us that we should have read what we were signing a little more closely when we bought… Read More

The Parc Down to One Unit

The Parc in Belltown is down to their last unit, Penthouse #4. $419 for 867 square feet. 1 bed, 1.5 bath. In addition to just dropping the price they’re also offering $8k towards closing costs and pre-paids (for a limited time). Of course there are 12 other units for sale from flippers. Current average appraisal:… Read More

Harvard & Highland Hits the MLS

Harvard & Highland on north Capitol Hill has put four units on the MLS: Unit 1 at $1.875 mil Unit 2 at $1.5 mil Unit 5 at $2.45 mil Unit 7 at $3 mil Unfortunately they don’t have any real photos. Fortunately, I’ve visited it and took photos.

Tavern Law Pre-Opening Party + Photos

Last night residents of Trace Lofts and Trace North were invited to a Tavern Law pre-opening party; Tavern Law is the gastropub opening in the ground floor retail of Trace Lofts. It’s about time! One of the appeals to me of buying at Trace was the promise of living above restaurants and bars. Unfortunately it’s… Read More

South Lake Union’s Enso Raising Prices Soon

Thanks to a reader for tipping us off that Enso is going to be raising prices on several hot floor plans this weekend.

Equinox on Eastlake Goes Apartments

The last week has been very busy at work getting ready for our all hands meeting which was on Friday, so I missed the news that Equinox on Eastlake has gone apartments. I think I know one Urbnlivn reader who will be quite happy to get their deposit back.

1521 Issues a Press Release About Nothing?

I shouldn’t be giving in and posting this press release from 1521 but it’s too good to pass up! What exactly are they promoting? Creating a micro climate, what’s that? Closing on their 86th sale? That they’re only 60% sold? $160 million in sales? Not having lowered prices? Seattle’s Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue Establishes a… Read More

Enso Public Opening This Weekend

Enso is finally open to the public after getting six offers last weekend. You can check it out from 11 to 5. Free parking at the Discovery Center if you’re not taking the SLUT. Here’s my photos from the broker’s open.

urbanTrees Modern Townhomes at 19th & Yesler

Looks like a new modern townhome project hit the market at 19th and Yesler. Here’s unit B, at 109 19th Ave. It’s $365k for a 2 bed, 2 bath, 1,279 square foot place. I don’t know about the blue but otherwise it looks like a nice project. Current average appraisal: $320,133 You must have JavaScript… Read More

Two Story Pioneer Square Loft

Haven’t been blogging much since last week I was out of town for Inman, the big real estate conference in SF, and this week we have all the Redfin folks in town for our annual company meeting. Expect more blogging next week! But I’m digging the photos of 606 Post Ave, unit 402. It’s a… Read More

$6.5 Million Price Reduction at Madison Towers

Wow, this is one major price reduction. #2101 has been dropped from $8.7 to $2.2 mil. It’s come down from a high of being listed at $13.5 mil in October 2008. Note that it originally sold for $1.6 in October 2006 and then immediately put on the market. Current average appraisal: $1,995,214 You must have… Read More

Lawyer for HOA Issue?

A reader writes in, Matt – I’ve been a follower of your blog for a few years now. I’m currently a homeowner at [a Seattle condo] and due to some unfortunate circustances I had to relocate. I’ve requested a rental hardship from my HOA, but they have denied my request. I believe I have a… Read More

Sylvie on Capitol Hill

I was invited to, but missed, seeing DB2’s new project, the Sylvie, on Capitol Hill last weekend. Fortunately, Megan, their PR person, sent me some photos. Sylvie is a 12 unit project targeting LEED Platinum and Built Green 5-star certification. One of these days I’ll swing by and check it out.

A How to Guide: Realestalking

Urbnlivn was quoted in the Seattle Times today, Realestalking: When the home of your dreams becomes your obsession: Realestalkers work in various ways. Matt Goyer, editor of local condo blog, uses the Internet to keep tabs on certain properties. “There are people who are stalking condos online by reading blogs,” he said. “It’s a… Read More