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Vancouver vs Seattle

Eric has a question I have no idea how to answer. Hopefully one of you has some insight! — Hey Matt, I regularly read your blog, and since you work in real estate and are Canadian I was interested in your perspective on Vancouver condo price trends versus Seattle. It seems like a good topic… Read More

Nicely Updated 19th Ave Loft

Don’t know how this one slipped by me, but #307 at the 19th Ave Lofts is a nice one. $425,000 for a 1 bed/1.75 bath, 887 square feet. I love how they updated the interior. Current average appraisal: $395,100 You must have JavaScript enabled to submit an appraisal.  Your appraisal: $ Submit

“Condo Weekend” Round-Up – The Realogics Perspective

This is an email Dean Jones of Realogics blasted out last night. Yes, the guy needs his own blog, but he’s old school in his marketing. In the meantime, he kindly granted permission for us to share it. — It was certainly an exciting weekend in our marketplace despite competition from sunny skies and a… Read More

Videos from the Gallery Condo Auction

Just like we’re the only condo blog to bring you not just the results of the condo auction faster than anyone else (including # of bids!), we’re the only condo blog with video coverage! …You weren’t allowed to take photos or videos but Chelsea snuck two with her iPhone 3GS by pretending to be texting… Read More

Brix & Gallery Condo Auction Wrap Up

Wow, 80 units sold in one day. It was a busy day at the Grand Hyatt! Brix had all 36 condos sell: Spreadsheet of the results [xlsx]* 68 minutes ~200 bidders $344 to $500/sq. ft. Average $409 63% to 81% of “previous list”. Average 70% $235k to $471k Redfin stats for Capitol Hill: Aug median… Read More

Gallery Condo Auction Results: $309-$565/SF

Here are the Gallery auction results [xlsx]. All condos sold. Prices ranged from $309 to $565/square foot. Prices were about 68% of the “previous list price”.

Brix Condo Auction Results: $344-$500/Sq. Ft.

Here are the results from the Brix auction: Brix auction results [xlsx]. (Thanks to team Redfin for counting bids!) It went by FAST. They sold all the units in 68 minutes. So if you can help fill in the gaps please leave a comment. All condos sold, ranging from $344/square foot to $500/square foot. There… Read More

Might Be Awesome Belltown Loft

66 Bell St, Unit 304 sounds like it could be awesome, “stunning Belltown 3 story loft condo with personal rooftop deck”. But with no pictures of the loft itself it is kinda hard to tell. Price is $385k for 1 bed/1 bath, 889 square feet. Current average appraisal: $353,333 You must have JavaScript enabled to… Read More

Ready for the Brix & Gallery Auctions?

The auctions get started soon! Please email me ( and I’ll post them here and on @urbnlivn. I talked to Ted Schroth, the developer of Trace Lofts and Trace North on Capitol Hill (Brix’s nearest competition) about the auctions on Friday. I was surprised to hear him up beat about them but his feeling is… Read More

“Grand Unveiling of the Condos at Olive 8”

Mark your calendars. The “grand unveiling of the condominiums at Olive 8” is Wednesday, October 7th, 5 to 8 pm. It’s at the Grand Ballroom, third floor, 1635 Eighth Ave. Cabaret performance by Stephen Barnes, Pianist for the PNW Ballet 6 to 7 pm Hosted & catered by the Hyatt at Olive 8 Tour new… Read More

Realogics Brings Decatur Back on The Market

Decatur on First Hill has been on the market for years and has only sold 83 of 146 homes. Today Realogics announces, Marketing Resumes at The Decatur Condominiums With Bulk Sales Strategy: An award-winning project team led by Sandalwood Management is set to release the remaining 63 homes for sale in blocks that feature bulk… Read More

Leona Slashes Prices 50% to Move Last 3 Units

Leona is whacking prices to move their last 3 units:

Modern Wallingford Townhouse

At 1805 N 36 St there’s a new construction modern townhouse. $635,000 for 1,771 square feet (3 beds/3.5 baths). Why can’t we get any of these modern townhouses on Capitol Hill?? Current average appraisal: $528,495 You must have JavaScript enabled to submit an appraisal.  Your appraisal: $ Submit

KOUW on Seatte Condo Glut

Everyone ready for Sunday’s auctions? Today KOUW has a story on Seattle’s Condo Glut and talks to Schnitzer founder Dan Ivanoff: Ivanoff: “I mean, it’s a very speculative product type, and when people catch the market right they can really do very, very well, and when you catch the market wrong, you can have to… Read More

Canlis Glass Showing at 1521

Canlis Glass, BoConcept, Alchemy Collections and a few other folks are hosting an open house at 1521 this weekend (noon to 5 p.m.). Here’s a video preview: Canlis Glass Showing at Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue from Northwest Public Relations on Vimeo. Justin Bowers wrote up his visit last week. It’s a little gushy though.

Pb Elemental Designed Lake Washington Townhomes

Pb Elemental pinged me about these a few weeks ago but Michel reminded me I hadn’t yet blogged about them. They’re a townhouse community at 1750 Lake Washington Boulevard North: Anyone have details on sales?

Blanket on Beacon Hill, a Modern Development

Michel, the only Urbnlivn reader to send me listings (shame on all of you who know of cool projects and don’t give me a heads up!), pointed me at this modern project, Blanket on Beacon Hill. Here’s unit-c for $589k. 2 bed/2.5 bath: Here’s a free standing loft for $439 for a 1 bed/1.5 bath:… Read More

AIA Event: Design for Livability

Heads up that another AIA event is coming up soon. This one is a full day conference called Design for Livability:Sustainable Cities on October 16th: Design for Livability brings our region’s planning, design, development and civic leaders together with advocates to better understand what we can do to build a stronger future. Join us to… Read More

Realogics Taking Over Eleven Eleven Sales

I hear Realogics is taking over sales at Eleven Eleven. With no sales and a big auction at Brix this weekend I suspect we’ll see prices come down soon.

Canal: No Auction Required!

Ballard’s Canal project made my smile recently: NO AUCTION NEEDED! Dear Mr. Goyer, Come to Canal Station and experience a calm buying environment unlike the chaotic auction frenzy of other condominium communities in Seattle. We’ve been selling steadily with over 80% of our homes sold and occupied; therefore not needing to resort to auctions to… Read More