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Canal: No Auction Required!

By September 21, 2009


Ballard’s Canal project made my smile recently:


Dear Mr. Goyer,

Come to Canal Station and experience a calm buying environment unlike the chaotic auction frenzy of other condominium communities in Seattle. We’ve been selling steadily with over 80% of our homes sold and occupied; therefore not needing to resort to auctions to sell our homes. Why risk paying more than the minimum bid at an auction when we offer fantastic homes with amazing value and location?

Examples of our “Maximum Bid” prices:
Unit 441, Jr 1 Bed, 532 sf – price $219,950
Unit 458, 1 Bed, 730 sf – price $274,950
Unit 540, 1 Bed + Den, 715 sf – price $274,950
Unit 253, 2 Bed + Den, 1079 sf – price $399,950

Be sure to get the home you really want at a price you can count on. At Canal Station, you can rest assured that you are buying into a desirable condominium community.

Buy with Confidence. Choose Canal Station.