Blanket on Beacon Hill, a Modern Development

Michel, the only Urbnlivn reader to send me listings (shame on all of you who know of cool projects and don’t give me a heads up!), pointed me at this modern project, Blanket on Beacon Hill.

Here’s unit-c for $589k. 2 bed/2.5 bath:

Here’s a free standing loft for $439 for a 1 bed/1.5 bath:

Looks awesome! Plus it’s green and all that too.

Update: They’re having an open house this weekend, Saturday 2-4pm and Sunday 1-4pm.

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  • EconE


    That loft is absolutely phenominal!

  • Name

    Amazing. But how do you sell a 600k 2 bedroom on beacon hill and a $400k 1 bedroom? The $ per sq. foot on these must be ridiculous. I'd rather live in west seattle for 400k in a bigger but of course not so fabulous house and not a townhome. Beacon Hill is still “hood”, full gentrification in another 10 years maybe. Only a true “pioneer” would attempt to buy at these prices.

  • Guest

    The loft is very cool, but it comes with no parking in a sketchy neighborhood (drove by last week), and does not have the view of the townhomes; it sits lower down on the slope. I agree that the price is not justified.

  • Sorin

    Saw these two weeks ago. I love them, but the pricing is out of whack given the neighborhood and apparent square footage (which isn't included on the listings). The loft is nice, but lack of a garage, particularly for the location, kills it for me.

  • Name

    I think there is parking for the lofts right in between the two lofts, right next to their front doors. Plus it's only three blocks to the new light rail station.

  • Name

    Went and saw these places–they're very hip. But without more aggressive pricing I'm scared they'll just sit there empty and unsold for a long time.

  • Name

    i check them out today and actually there is parking. each townhome has it's own private garage with entry from garage into the house. and these homes are extremely well designed. inspiring and ridiculous amount of customer detail like steel screen staircase and flat bar railings. i'm in!

  • sara

    You really have to see them to understand the value. I went to the open house and completely fell for them. They're surrounded by green and are beautiful inside and out. They have amazing nooks and crannies with unbelievable views. They are truly unique and modern but, at the same time, comfortable and home-like. And, again, the green is everywhere. If nothing else, just go and see them to be inspired by good design.

  • michel77

    +1 Sara, I was there today as well and may have seen you, I was there for a good while anyway.. I was quite taken with the loft(s), I must've spent at least a half hour outside on the little bench, awesome views and so much green!! I would probably upgrade the bathroom a little and replace the dining room with a big kitchen island and more drawers and I'd be set… Glad you enjoyed them too and see the value, I really didn't think the neighborhood was all that bad either?

  • Open House dates : 10/3 Saturday 2-4pm and 10/4 Sunday 1-4pm
    3 Townhome units with 4 outdoor areas including roof top decks
    2 Free Standing Loft units with gardens & entertainment spaces

  • Name

    Seen these a couple of times. They're great. I love everything about them. But…it's really noisy from the freeway and it's way too expensive for Beacon Hill. Yes, I understand the quality but you can't be this expensive in this neighborhood.

  • Name

    Seen these a couple of times. They're great. I love everything about them. But…it's really noisy from the freeway and it's way too expensive for Beacon Hill. Yes, I understand the quality but you can't be this expensive in this neighborhood.

  • guest

    Last week the two unsold lofts were taken off the market. They were still at 439k and 419k when I last saw them. Can't wait to see the new prices assuming they return to market. The old prices were way too high and I think you'd have to have your head examined if you paid anythin close to these asking prices.

  • guest

    Looks like both lofts were relisted today at 20k less than a few days ago – that's a start towards reality. Comments so far mention the greenery of the site but don't mention that random folks that live under the freeway in the greenbelt can just walk on these homes patios. Beacon Hill is a fine neighborhood but there's got to be a very small pool of buyers who would be comfortable buying these lofts bordering urban park lands – especially with almost no storage and no garage or even covered parking.

  • This location was carefully picked by the architects & builders to create a unique urban setting. They were impressed to find a site that was extremely private yet so close to downtown. While these homes were being developed over the last two years, no one observed any people living in the woods/greenbelt nearby. The greenbelt west of these loft homes is too dense, steep, & is not habitable. The neighbors have lived along this portion of the parks dept. greenbelt happily & successfully for many years.

    Also take note: There are a few additional storage options now available.

  • guest

    it's fair to say that people are living under the freeway (WSDOT property) NEXT TO the greenbelt and not technically IN THE greenbelt (Seattle Parks property). I explored the area directly west of these lofts recently and there were several well-established tents and one active campfire flaming away when I walked by under the freeway. The man trying to keep warm or cook at the fire seemed harmless as most homeless people don't want to disturb other people. I've walked the “east duwamish greenbelt” from Amazon HQ down to Beacon Ave and it's pretty amazingly clean – lots of great work by neighbors and the City from what I can tell. There's a lot more potential to make this greenbelt more actively enjoyed both north of Beacon Ave and even more so south of Beacon Ave. For urban explorers try using the Bayview Street stair from 13th Ave S down to the Airport Way. It's rough and muddy but great potential for a walking connection between SODO and Beacon Hill.

  • RobbyD

    Greenbelt? I think we need to talk black belt as this is what you would need to fend off trouble in this rough area. Unfortunately though, a black belt does not help fend off noise pollution from Boeing Field and the freeway…time to master the art of earplugs.

  • EconE

    Spoken like a true NAR mouthpiece.

    BTW…nice $250k cashout refi!

  • lilly

    These will be open today (Sunday 4/18) from 1-3pm.

  • guest

    The north freestanding townhome sold for $397,500 per KC records. Impressively high for a cool place but one without a garage (or even a secured or covered parking space) and with almost no storage inside or out.

    The south unit is now showing up as pending so it'll be interesting to see what that sold for (assuming it really does close).