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The Summit, Avaview, and Sunrise on the Lake Going to Auction

36 units total will be auctioned off on December 5th. All units will be open for touring 11am to 5pm daily Oct. 31 – Dec. 4. The Summit This is a smaller building built in 1968 a few blocks northwest of Brix. It has 14 units, all of which have been recently remodeled and are… Read More

Seattle Multi Family Code Update

The CASTarchitecture blog has been following recent updates in Seattle’s multi family code: a couple of highlights: 1. The move to FAR rather than density limits for number of unit will create more demand for smaller units in the L3 zone 2. The setbacks are reduced–good for the urban sidewalk edge, and allow raised stoops… Read More

Welcome New Advertisers!

Welcome to Thornton Place our newest advertiser. And belated welcome to Condo Bulk Buy.

“25 on the Park” going on the market in 30-45 days

As you may remember, 25 on the Park, a development of modern townhouses directly on Cal Anderson Park, was foreclosed on in February, going to be auctioned off this summer, but then stated that they were “not planning on selling building lots where the appraised value is significantly below the value of the land with… Read More

Enso Pushes Back Move In Dates

Forwarded by an Enso buyer who originally was told by end of October and now is being pushed back to end of December. When I reached out to Vulcan for a comment on pre-sale figures they wouldn’t disclose them. Dear [Buyer], The Enso Team would like to thank for your commitment to making Enso your… Read More

Lumen Penthouse Finally Done

After years of construction the Lumen penthouse is finally complete. Surely there’s a story behind this unit. Was it built for the developer who bailed on it when things went sideways? After a $500K build-out, the LUMEN penthouse is complete. It is unlike anything available in Seattle Metro. Two units have been combined creating a… Read More

Ruby Has Sold 60%, Cuts Prices

Got a note from Williams Marketing that Ruby has now sold 60%. Click through for some recent price reductions. Or check out the photos I took.

Panoramic City View for $277/sqft? There’s a catch…

I went to see this 2 bedroom condo last week. The view is incredible. The picture above is several iphone photos stitched together because I couldn’t get the whole vista in one shot. The livingroom has a panoramic view of downtown, the space needle, Queen Anne Hill, and Lake Union. The bedrooms also have a… Read More

New UW Study Takes Aim at Urban Sprawl

Are you an transit policy wonk? Do you come to city council meetings and harass your elected officials about the abominable state of the bike lanes on Rainier Avenue? Have you asked your partner to whisper sweet nothings about multi-modal, gridiron street-networks? If so, the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments has some new… Read More

Veer Lofts Price Reductions

Veer Lofts must be feeling the pressure of the recent auctions. They’re offering a $8k credit on purchases through December 1, 2009. If you act fast you could also get the first-time home buyer credit of $8k making for a $16k credit. They’re also offering a 4% SOC. Which means your agent will get 4%… Read More

Video Explaining Condo Bulk Buy

Realizing this condo bulk buy idea is kinda confusing Realogics has put together a video answering the frequently asked questions: Condo Bulk Buy from Northwest Public Relations on Vimeo. Dean also emailed over the following: I do recognize the bulk sales approach is a new concept for folks to wrap their minds around. It’s important… Read More

Ashworth Cottages at Greenlake 50% Sold

Pryde + Johnson sold just two units at Ashworth Cottages in Greenlake before the project went into foreclosure. Earlier this year the Seattle Times and the DJC blog looked at what went wrong. Intracorp has now taken over the project. Originally priced at $739k to $950k they’ve slashed prices and been able to move 50%… Read More

Marcato Condo Auction Results

Marcato, in Tacoma, auctioned off 17 units this weekend at an average of 55% off of original offering price. Normally wouldn’t blog about something so far afield but folks can’t seem to get enough about condo auctions these days. Click through for the press release and selling prices of the 17 units. Here’s the photos… Read More

Wood Floor Re-Finishing Recommendations

It doesn’t take much to dent the reclaimed Douglas fir floors at Trace Lofts. Drop your keys and they’ll leave a mark. Needless to say, when your house cleaner rolls out your fridge with the best intentions of cleaning the top of it, it’ll leave quite a mark. And since the floors are reclaimed, good… Read More

DJC on 1111’s Bulk Sales Approach

I don’t have a subscription to the DJC but I hear they wrote about 1111’s bulk sales approach recently, Kundig-designed lofts: Justen tries bulk sales. Fortunately I was forwarded the article. Here are the interesting bits: First on Eleven Eleven: Nine units are in the first release. They are between 612 and 793 square feet… Read More

Enso Goes Gold, Lakeview Lofts Goes Platinum

There’s been two announcements on the LEED front. 2201 Westlake/Enso, Vulcan’s project in SLU has been awarded LEED Gold. (Read other posts about Enso). Vulcan is being cagey on sales figures but I hear they’ve had 7 accepted sales in the last week with a few more coming together. If I weren’t so lazy I’d… Read More

Ever wish you had a woodworking shop in your condo?

Look no further than The Shannon on Capitol Hill. 1 bed/1 bath went on the market last week at $314,950 for 806 square feet. Among other amenities like the heated indoor pool, workout room, and air conditioning, you’ll find that the building contains a woodworking shop for residents. Also those bamboo floors look mighty sexy…. Read More

Brix Gets 5 Homes Under Contract this Week

According to a mailing from Brix they got 5 homes under contract this week. Guess some folks were bummed they lost out at the auction!

urbanTrees Modern Townhouses video and pictures

Please welcome Sarah to Urbnlivn. Sarah is looking to buy a condo with her husband and has graciously offered to help us out with some blogging! If you too would like to write a guest post or blog more regularly let me know ( urbanTrees is a new modern townhouse development on 19th and Yesler… Read More

Gallery Reprices Homes

Schnizter West has now re-priced some of Gallery’s homes: