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Belltown Open House Tour Today

I have no plans to get off my butt, though if you are in the market for a Belltown condo there is a huge open house tour today. Here’s a map of all the participating units. Overall there are 163 open houses going on according to the MLS via Redfin. Including the Firehouse unit I… Read More

Firehouse #2

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Firehouse at 1406 Harvard Ave just down the street from me. Unit #2 just came on the market. It’s listed at $449k. They bought it for $509k back in March of 2006 and unfortunately paid a large premium since the sale before that was for $465k in… Read More

My Experience Re-Fi’ing With a High LTV

I bought my place at Trace Lofts in September 2007. I know, I made a huge mistake buying at peak. I bought it with a 6.25% interest only 5 year adjustable rate mortgage through Countrywide (since at the time no one else would lend to me with a rental unit). With the low interest rates… Read More

Pacific NW Housing Summit & RE Bar Camp

For all you real estate professionals there’s an event coming up for you, the Pacific NW Housing Summit on Thursday, March 18th: The Pacific NW Housing Summit is an opportunity to bring together professionals from all aspects of the real estate industry with the intent to evaluate the current market conditions, forecast the coming years… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

Here are a few standouts from the 165 open houses in Seattle this weekend: 128 21st Ave E Sunday 1-4 pm This Capitol Hill townhouse is new construction. “Concrete and bamboo radiant heated floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, tankless water heater, wrap around private backyard.” Are you drooling yet? It’s come down in price $30K since the… Read More

1521 Wins 8 More Prestigious Awards

“1521 Second Ave Honored With Eight More Prestigous Awards at “The Nationals” by NAHB”: Judges awarded Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue with three gold honors nationally for “Best Black & White Ad,” “Best Interior Merchandizing of a Model Home over $1 Million,” and “Best Internet Marketing Campaign – Banners.” The high-rise project was also awarded with… Read More

Built Green Conference March 12th

For you eco-nerds Built Green is having it’s conference all day March 12th in Bellevue. Sounds like the sessions are only for industry folks (David Orr is the keynote speaker) but the trade floor is open to the public: For the public, the trade floor provides an exceptional opportunity for perspective home buyers to talk… Read More

The Broadway Building

I went on a tour of The Broadway Building last week. It’s new construction across the street from the Broadway Performance Hall bordering Cal Anderson Park (roughly two blocks from the new Elliott Bay Books location). It will include apartments, retail, offices, and student housing, and it will open in April. Pictures and full description… Read More

Linden Townhomes Walkthrough Video

New three-story townhouses in Greenwood. There are eight of them altogether, none sold yet. They each have three bedrooms. Some have 1.5 baths, and some have 2.5. Half of them have itty bitty fenced back yards, the other half have itty bitty open front yards. They are listed at $329K – $349K, with the cheaper… Read More

Colliers Map of Proposed Downtown Construction

PSBJ posted a Collier’s map of downtown construction: Read more, Downtown’s Strange New Real Estate Map: The biggest cluster of red dots is the Amazon campus being built by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Real Estate and partners. Not far west is the $500 million campus for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Other than those, a… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Last week there were 18 condo and town home sales according to Redfin. Here’s a look at 5 of them: Enso sold a 683 sq. ft. studio for $300K Surprisingly, that was not the highest price per square foot. Here’s a first-floor Queen Anne condo clocking in at $569/sq. ft.: At less than half that… Read More

Big Shakeup At Escala

Stroupe has the scoop that there is a big shakeup going on at Escala: We got wind of some big news happening over at ESCALA. To begin with, the sales center is currently closed for an approximate 3 weeks. A new direction to take place is being discussed behind closed doors during that time. With… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

Here are a few standouts from the 158 open houses in Seattle this weekend: 1726 15th Ave #4 Sunday 1-4 PM Willing to live in a run-down coop just so you can afford to live within stumbling distance of Liberty? I wouldn’t hold it against you, honestly. 2113 15th Ave S Unit B Sunday 1-4… Read More

Vulcan Open House January 26

Vulcan let me know they’re having an open house Tuesday, January 26th from 4-6 PM. They’re calling it Vulcan Declassified and are looking for your comments on their South Lake Union projects. Here’s the low down: Join us at 6:00 p.m. as we stroll over to a neighborhood public meeting hosted by the City of… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Last week there was 17 condo and town home sales according to Redfin. Here’s a look at 5 of them: Topping out the price charts, there were two sales at LEED Certified Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue last week: Unit 2903 at $2.2 Million, and Unit 2402 at $1.2 Million. The best deal in the city… Read More

Andy Ends up at Olive 8

In early 2009 Andy Liu, CEO of Seattle startup Buddy TV, blogged about his $23,750 Mistake at Olive 8 and wrote about walking away from his earnest money. Seems as though things ended up working out for Andy as he writes in a recent blog post, Real Estate Thoughts Part Deux: I was ready to… Read More

Last Home at Leona Condos

Leona on Queen Anne is done to one last unit, 1-B. The 2 bed w/den/2.5 bath, 2,803 square foot brownstone first hit the market at $1,450,000 and has been reduced down to $850,000 with a $10k buyer’s bonus too. Just $310/sq. ft! Current average appraisal: $845,722 You must have JavaScript enabled to submit an appraisal…. Read More

Who is the Internet Provider?

Publicola has published a couple of interesting pieces recently on the discrepancies between broadband speeds in different neighborhoods of Seattle. The differences stem from the fact that while 89% of the city is covered by Comcast cable, which has an 89% “very satisfied” customer service rating, the rest of the city (Beacon Hill, the Central… Read More

The Ups and Downs of Studios

I came across this blog post of someone musing about Condo shopping by email: My favorite emails are the ones listing Seattle studios. When I considered moving there 3-4 years ago, the cheapest prices were about $300,000 for a tiny (300 sq ft studio). Those are like old Singapore prices of $1,000 a square foot…. Read More

Twenty Five on the Park Pricing and Availability

Capitol Hill Seattle has an update on Cal Anderson development known as Twenty Five on the Park. The 25 On the Park development on the edge of Cal Anderson Park is getting a new lease on life from Howland Homes, a Shoreline-based real estate company. The Dwelling Company, which started the project, signed the rights… Read More