Who is the Internet Provider?

Publicola has published a couple of interesting pieces recently on the discrepancies between broadband speeds in different neighborhoods of Seattle. The differences stem from the fact that while 89% of the city is covered by Comcast cable, which has an 89% “very satisfied” customer service rating, the rest of the city (Beacon Hill, the Central District, and parts of downtown) is covered by Broadstripe, which has a “very satisfied” rating of 48% and speeds reportedly as low as 6 Mbps.

Our shiny new mayor and his CTO have a plan to lay fiber city-wide which would provide 100 Mbps symmetrical Internet service, television including high-definition, and unlimited voice calling. Until then though, I’m adding another bullet point to my list of “Questions to ask on condo tours”, you’re not served by Broadstripe, right?

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  • Our shiny new mayor and his CTO have a plan to lay fiber city-wide which would provide 100 Mbps symmetrical Internet service

    OOOOOO—that would be very nice, if it's actually true.

  • jinushaun

    I have Broadstripe and hate it. I might as well be on dial up! At $60 per month, it's robbery. Download speeds are all over the place at all hours of the day. (Low as 5 kBps, high as 300 kBps, typically 128 kBps) Upload speeds are non-existent, which is critical for my home business. My friend's Internet connection was so unreliable that he canceled his account and is using Clear now. Netflix Instant Watch is nearly impossible―don't even dream about HD streaming. Their billing website doesn't make sense and I can never tell when my bill is due or if I've already paid it.

    My only other option is Clear, which is both cheaper and faster. I'm switching next month.

  • Marce

    I just switched to Clear two weeks ago. Once you figure out where to get the best signal, you're good to go, and it's cheap. Clear > others available, but bring on the fiber!

  • garit

    Live at the Press, rented first, and when it went condo, we were hoping that it canceled the building contract with Broadstripe. No such luck. We have had them since 2006. Not too bad, but not nearly as good as comcast. But we switched to Clear (not nearly as fast as Broadstripe, but to have the mobile option is great) and we are looking into Direct TV.

    But Broadstripe's customer service and knowlege when there are outages is horrible, online account services is average. Price is ok, have cable and internet for around $99 before taxes.

    but fiber city-wide would be awesome.

  • MZ

    i had to file FCC and BBB complaints against broadstripe. Their service is horrible and customer service dismal at best. You really know it's bad when you google broadstripe cable and the first site is their homepage, and the next listings are all “broadstripe complaints” websites. I switched to Qwest DSL as that's my only other decent option (sorry clear) and have been much happier since.

  • Justin

    and I hate comcast… Jeez, I'm glad I don't have broadstripe.

    These monopolies shouldn't be allowed.

  • My roommate, who's been living here longer than I have, has also had really bad experiences with Qwest. He had originally signed a one year contract and when the year was up he called to cancel his service and switch to Comcast. They insisted that this would be a breach of contract. According to the person on the line, he had signed another two year contract. He knew he hadn't, and when he asked to see this contract, they refused to give it to him. They charged him a $200 fee for breaking a contract he never signed.
    My friend's building also has Qwest. Apparently they found one person in the building illegally downloading episodes of Dexter so they cut off internet services to the whole building for a day or two and after the manager got the services turned on again warned the tenants that if it happened again they'd shut off their internet for good.

  • Hello Steph here from Qwest,

    I am happy to hear you have been satisfied thus far with our service, and hope you continue to enjoy it. Please feel free to inquire to talktous@qwest.com anytime you have questions or concerns.

    thank you

    Steph Lake
    Manager – Talk To Qwest Team

    talktous@qwest.com – attention Steph

    “At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”