Andy Ends up at Olive 8

In early 2009 Andy Liu, CEO of Seattle startup Buddy TV, blogged about his $23,750 Mistake at Olive 8 and wrote about walking away from his earnest money.

Seems as though things ended up working out for Andy as he writes in a recent blog post, Real Estate Thoughts Part Deux:

I was ready to walk away, but did engage in a few interesting conversations with the folks there. Needless to say, we were able to come to an agreement to purchase property there. It’s far from clear that I bought at the bottom, nor was I trying to time the bottom. In fact, I’m probably early as only about 25% of the units are actually closed, there’s a lot of units still available.

It’s interesting to hear that Olive 8 is negotiating with buyers. Everything I heard in the spring of 2009 was that they were not negotiating at all. It seems as though having many units unsold [country records] has caused them to reconsider their decision. Of course I’d be really interested to hear specifics of how folks negotiations have gone! Though I wonder if Olive 8 is negotiating less now that they’ve recently renewed their construction loan.

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  • EconE

    Their MLS listing prices are waaaay up there in bubble territory.

    Nice to see that the Realtor/Flippers are getting their usual sweetheart deals!

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  • pistol

    I've toured this condo and it's got some amazing views towards the north and west. The prices are insane! I'd pick up a place once they start dropping down into the $300's and cut their HOA's in half. I have also stayed in the Olive 8 Hotel and I must say the rooms are very nice, the indoor pool is very nice as well.