The Broadway Building

I went on a tour of The Broadway Building last week. It’s new construction across the street from the Broadway Performance Hall bordering Cal Anderson Park (roughly two blocks from the new Elliott Bay Books location). It will include apartments, retail, offices, and student housing, and it will open in April.

Pictures and full description after the jump.

First the apartments.

The luxury units on the fifth (top) floor are all sorts of gorgeous. Lots of light, lots of creative layouts, lots of decks, vaulted ceilings. A few of the units have giant decks overlooking the Cal Anderson soccer field.

The fixtures are nice, but not what I would expect for the size and location.

There are 94 apartments total ranging from 400 square foot studios to a 1,523 square foot three-bedroom. They will have a private entrance and lobby on the park side. The students will not have access to the resident lobby or units. Apparently they are also commissioning a 16-foot high Chihuly painting for one wall of the lobby. They have not released pricing yet, but my tourguide speculated about $1.50 per month per square foot, with the top floor units having “premium pricing.”

Next the retail

There’s 14,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space on the ground floor. So far the only confirmed tenants are Genki Sushi and Emerald City Smoothies.

Now the offices

The offices are on the second floor in “bays” like the one pictured above, with a communal kitchen and conference room. They are willing to tear down walls between bays if businesses want to rent more than one. They are 591 to 817 square feet and are renting for $26/square foot.

Finally the student housing

Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) has a long-term lease on 28 apartments ranging from 400 – 600 square feet. These apartments have slightly more open floor plans, and are intended for multi-occupancy, dorm-style. These units have a separate entrance, separate ventilation sytem, and are walled off from the rest of the building. SCCC says they intend to use the apartments as six-month transitional housing for international students. The building architect says that should SCCC choose not to renew that lease, the walls between the the student housing and the rest of the building can be knocked out and the units could be rented as apartments.

The finishes in the student units are exactly the same as the apartment units (bulk discount?).

Non sequitur aside of the day: What is “pervious grass-crete”?

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  • old timer

    “Grasscrete is the green alternative to standard concrete surfaces providing a variety of landscape solutions while maintaining a sustainable green product design used for emergency access lanes, delivery access routes, overflow parking areas, and for intermittent drainage channels that help prevent erosion.

    Grasscrete can be used as an exposed utilitarian product for functional applications or as a concealed system with vegetation such as grass or native ground cover installed over the concrete. This system allows you to mitigate drainage issues while maintaining strong structural integrity that allows for some of the heaviest vehicles to operate unencumbered.”

    Copied from a supplier web-site.

    Thanks for the Broadway Building info.
    It looks like the place wanted to be condos, but for the economy.
    Engaging floor plans, and yet apartment appliances.
    Spendy living!

  • justinbowers

    “all sorts of gorgeous” love that

  • GW

    old timer, the project was conceived from day 1 as apartments, not condominiums.

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