Pacific NW Housing Summit & RE Bar Camp

For all you real estate professionals there’s an event coming up for you, the Pacific NW Housing Summit on Thursday, March 18th:

The Pacific NW Housing Summit is an opportunity to bring together professionals from all aspects of the real estate industry with the intent to evaluate the current market conditions, forecast the coming years prospects and plan for the resurgence of the housing industry here in the Northwest.

Followed by Seattle RE BarCamp on Friday, March 19th. I won’t be able to make Bar Camp, I’ll be in Mexico. Making this the second Seattle Bar Camp I’ve missed. I seem to have better luck attending out of state ones.

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Matt , Urbnlivn's publisher, has a love for lofts with industrial features and new construction condos that is only eclipsed by his passion for outdoor sports and urban living. Phrases such as “polished concrete” and “exposed brick” are music to his ears. You can also find Matt on Twitter or skiing.

  • Linda Aaron

    Thanks for mentioning the events. So sorry to hear you won't be at REBCSEA but I hope you have a great time in Mexico.

  • rhondaporter

    Matt, thanks for the props! I'm very excited about both events and sorry you won't make it to RE Barcamp — hopefully we'll see you at the Housing Summit?