Two Belltown Lofts

There’s been a lot of new listings hitting the market the last few weeks but not much has caught my eye. However, this past week two lofts popped up in Belltown that caught my eye.

The first, a ground floor loft at Mosler. It’s a 1 bed/1.5 bath, 1,500 square feet. Originally sold as new construction in 2007 for $695k. The seller first listed it at $809k but has now dropped the price to $599k after several months of being off the market. A nice feature about this loft is that you can see the Space Needle from the little patio.

Confidential to the listing agent: pay for better photos!

Now for those looking for something a little cheaper check out 1 bedroom lot at the Austin Bell. $299k for 641 square feet.

Bonus listing: 1400 Hubbell Pl Ph 102. 2 bed/1 bath for $250k just on the edge of Capitol Hill.

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  • ella

    Short sale in WA State may now have a predatory feature when … “Once the offer was accepted by the seller, the homebuyer was surprised to learn that there’s a third party involved, a “Short Sale Negotiator” who is charging an additional $9,000 fee on top of the real estate commissions paid to both the agent for the seller and the agent for the buyer. The Short Sale Negotiator is demanding that the homebuyer sign an agreement that the homebuyer will be responsible for paying the $9,000 fee. ” This is from an incident in WA state.

    No short sale negotiator is worth $9,000.00, and no money should be paid by the borrower who did not contract with the negotiator. At $100 per hour, this would be 90 hours worth of work. What a rip off.

    Make sure that you put it in writing that you will not pay a negotiator that you do not have a contract with. If you enter into a contract make sure the fee is not a percentage of the purchase price, contract for a flat fee or hourly fee with a limited number of hours.

  • phil

    “Confidential to the listing agent: pay for better photos!”

    – and pressure wash that concrete, nothing says “not maintained” like slimy green concrete!

  • Bill

    There will be more listings at Mosler soon now that the lien issue has gone away. Keep an eye out on this awesome LEED building.