Even More Eye Catching New Listings

Bunch of new listings caught my eye today.

First up are five townhomes on Capitol Hill at 215 24th Ave E (near 24th and Madison) designed by Pb. Pricing is:

Unit A, $419,950 Sold Pending, Unit B, $369,950 2 br 2 bth, Unit C, $369,950 2 br 2 bth, Unit D, $367,000 2 Br 2 Bth, Unit E $405,000 3 Br 2 Bth

A peak at the interiors:

Next up is a loft style condo at 1605 E Pike. $699 for 1,363 square feet.

Then we have a penthouse unit at Queen Anne High, 201 Galer St Ph 528. $769k for 2 beds. They originally paid $633k in October ’06 and then tried for years to sell it starting at $950k.

I like this unit at Avenue One. Next bookshelves in the den if you have a ton of books. $460 for 893 square feet.

If you’re game for chasing a short sale here are two new ones.

A Queen Anne High one with a “bonus room”. Wish they would have included a floor plan.

And there’s a short sale at the Crawford, #302:

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  • Josh

    the links to these links are busted

  • Guest

    That pink-walled QA High School unit is back on the market for a paltry $310k (plus over $13k in annual dues and taxes). It’s fallen quite a bit since its 2007 sale price.