Escala Buyers Start to Get Calls

Word is that this weekend Escala buyers started to get calls with their new pricing this weekend. Does anyone have examples of how they’ve re-priced the units?

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  • cd

    James Stroup said 30% off, under $500 a square foot.

  • Vince

    Got my call… About 30% off. But when I went last month to see what the finished home looked like I was shocked. Pillars where I didn't expect them, tiles laid badly, granite lines didn't match.. & all around shabby craftsmanship. The lobby is nice.. Changing prices is a start, but they took the club out. what's a vacant club going to be like in the building? Also rumored JE Dunn is filing a mechanic's lien like they did at Mosler Lofts, making it nearly impossible to buy or sell anything for 3 years. They said if we don't want to move forward they'll refund our deposit. Looks like the smart thing to do.

  • Dan

    Vince – you say they'll refund your deposit, with what terms? 100% back? Interest and upgrades? Did you hire an attorney to represent you or did they offer your money back willingly?

  • lmn

    27%. I was considering Enso or Olive 8 but Escala is now back in the running.