Interesting Sales Last Week

Last week there were 10 condo and town home sales according to Redfin. Here’s a look at some of them:

This new 3-bedroom townhouse in Eastlake went on the market in November and just sold this week for $465,000.

This 476 square foot studio in Queen Anne built in 1930 just sold for $165,000. And it came with a parking space. I’ll bet they could cover half their mortgage just by renting out that parking spot…

This top-floor 1-bedroom unit in Ballard sold for $196,800 this week. Not a bad deal.

The highest price per square foot this week was $420 for this sixth-floor 2-bedroom unit in Capitol Hill. It sold for $425,000 last week after selling for $525,000 in 2007.

The lowest price per square foot this week was $232 for this 2-bedroom townhouse two and a half blocks from the junction in West Seattle. Looks like it’s been on the market since it was built in 2008.

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  • Jojo

    FYI on the Ballard top floor unit…I put in an offer on that one, full asking price, which was $179,900. There were 8 other offers submitted along with mine. The winning one, for $196,800 came with a cashier's check for that amount attached to the offer. Obviously it was priced to move, but probably priced too low!